Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alexander McQueen...

is on show at Harvey Nichols in London!

Didn't dare suggest we go in, so just snapped a couple of photos of the display

in the window to share!

An incredible embroidered skirt!

I love the colours in this!

And this one is probably quilted!

Not sure about the pants, but what about the ruffles on this one!

Maybe I might sneak back tomorrow!

Happy days! 



  1. Wowza! Absolutely Fabulous! The colors are incredible!

  2. Wow, beautiful, amazing colours and designs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Did you get to Liberty yet? Or Anthropologie?

  4. Those clothes are art works!! The pants are a bit strange... but they make you take a second look. You're seeing the most amazing things over there, I'm so glad you're sharing them with us. Is Daniel impressed that his mum is a famous blogger?

  5. I enjoyed your post, those clothes are amazing...

  6. oh, it is amazing, thank you for sharing. hugs


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