Saturday, December 24, 2016

2016, In Review....

Finished quilts-

1. "Framed Flowers"

2. "May Belle"

3. "Peach and Pine"

4. "All that Glitters"
This one ☝ now lives with a sweet friend in Japan!

5. "On a Whim"

6. "Shelburne Tartan"

7. "Words With Friends"

8. 'Bubbles of Love"
Not a huge list but considering the other things I 

worked on, I'm pretty happy!

Unfinished quilt tops-

Dream Catcher

"Boxes of Cotton & Steel"

Chuckys In Love

This one ☝is awaiting the arrival of Elizabeth's 

siggy block!

I have a spot all ready for it!

Small makes, Four-in-Art and clothes-

For Eli!

and one last WIP....

This one will be ready for next Christmas!

I'm making a list, and checking it twice,

"A Wild Ride"
of next year's plans!

Merry Christmas to all my followers!

May it be filled with love, peace and happy 



Friday, December 16, 2016

Short and sweet....

just to catch you up.....

on what I have been working on this week!

My Dream Catcher top is finished!

And this one, from Rose's leftovers, with a few of 

mine added....

Now to think about quilting them,

and wondering whether one could back the other?

Happy sewing!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sharing the love...

I recently shared some of these fabrics I picked up 

in a destash.....

with my lovely friend Julie, in New Zealand.

In return she offered to make me a felt birdie!

But true to Julie's generous nature she sent two 

birdies, a pear and a magazine!

The patterns can be found here, in case you want to 

make your own!

I did manage to stitch this little decoration,

and have been working on my wonky stars!

for my "Oh Christmas Tree" quilt.

Happy sewing!


Saturday, December 3, 2016

The stars aligned...

for us to ride The Eagle!

A local radio station was giving away free rides on 

the new 'chairlift ride' at Arthur's Seat,

here on the Mornington Peninsula.

My sister Helen sent them these photos of us on the 

original chairlift when it 

first opened, in 1960!

And we got selected to be two of the thirty available!

 As I am on leave, and Helen had a three-hour 

window in her work schedule....

we went and rode The Eagle!

To give you a better idea of how its changed,

I found this video of it back in the 60's

A Cadbury Carmamello Advertisement!

The view however is still as beautiful as ever!

I might need to take a quilt up here to photograph!

I hope this becomes a popular tourist attraction for 

the Peninsula!

I know one family who will be getting tickets for 


Happy days!


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