Friday, September 27, 2019

An Even Dozen!

I've finished my 12th quilt for 2019!

 I started quilting with a diagonal straightline....

forming a grid, which you can see a little of in the 


 The further I went, the surer I became that I was 

going to run out of thread!

 So then I only sewed part of the way across and 

turned back in the other direction to form a triangle (?)

 It was only when I was taking these photos that I

 noticed how the quilting matched the backing!

(see last photo)

I really like the simplicity of this quilt!

It will go in the gift cupboard until I find a 

'special' recipient!

It seems my quilts fall into three categories:

1. Must keeps
2. 'Special' giveaways to special people
3. 'Just because' giveaways!

Do you categorise your quilts that way too?

Dimensions: 41.5" square
Quilt finish #12 for 2019
#116 all-time quilts

Designed by Kirsty @ BonjourQuilts

Happy days!


Monday, September 23, 2019

Some 'down time'!

The end of term couldn't have come quickly enough!

So Mr PnP took ourselves off for a short break.

We intended to go further but a combination of 

factors saw us return today.

But sometimes two nights is enough to revive 

flagging spirits.

 I found this information very interesting!

It references this garment...

I can relate to this: "if the client's figure changed!"

The craftsmanship was incredible- this in the inside of the garment!

We discovered a new theatre.... 

Kris Kristofferson at 83!
a new winery, 

Killiecrankie Wines

and a new cafe...... 

Percy & Percy cafe

and tulips!

I did a little hand quilting....

and hope to have this finished soon!

We are now planning another getaway for next 


A door in the old gaol- now the Ulumbarra Theatre

with more music and food in the mix!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Another Sandwich?

"Scrappy Sandwich" quilt that is!

It has been over five years since I made my first 

The original "Scrappy Sandwich" quilt

and it remains one of my most 'pinned' quilts on 


If you 'google' it, my quilt is the one you see!

3.5" scraps

And only yesterday it came up on my Facebook feed, 

where it was shared, yet again,

From the original quilt

I still have a little mat I made from the cutoff 


And I have a tutorial on how to make the basic block on 

my Tutorials page,

which I will be updating as I make this one.

I've been cutting 3/5" wide scraps for a while now,

and started piecing yesterday.

As I strip-piece I check their length on the ruler on 

the front of my sewing table.

And when they are more than the required 10.5" 

I put them aside for pressing and trimming.

Sometimes the pieces are just too wide so I trim 

them as I go.

I've decided I need 80 scrappy strips to make a quilt 

in a similar size as last time.

I will then decide what colour the background solid 

should be.

What do you think...

should I go subtle like the original sand colour,

or maybe dark like navy,

or bold like aqua?

Suggestions gratefully accepted!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hip to be Square....

is the name of my new quilt!

My friend Kirsty was looking for some other versions 

of her latest pattern before it is released soon.

It was only when I was making Block #2 that I 

spotted a couple of errors in Block #1 (above)

Block # 3 is quite similar to #1 but that's ok....

#4 is similar to #2

Each block measures 17", so at the moment it 

is approximately 35" square.

If I can buy some more cream solid fabric, I'll add 

 outer borders

Happy sewing!


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Tilting At Windmills

I thought long and hard about the name for this 


Firstly, the working title was "Whirlygig".

The designer's official name is now Pirouettes.

But as my quilt is being given to a little boy named 

Xavier, that wasn't going to work.

I considered "Blade Runner" but, if you know the 

film, that felt a little aggressive.

Eventually, I settled on "Tilting At Windmills"

I liked the 'fighting the demons'  aspect associated 

with this line from Don Quixote,

as little Xavier has put up a good fight in his short 


Maybe this quilt will give him some love and 

strength to continue to grow and thrive!

Mr PnP and I took a walk with this quilt this morning,

and these photos were taken then.

Happy Father's Day to the best 'quilt holder'....

It was his suggestion to take this route where we 

had lots of options for photos!

Dimensions: 49" by 66"
Quilt finish #11 for 2019
#115 all-time quilt 

Happy days!

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