Tuesday, October 25, 2022

From 15 to 30....

 Wensleydale blocks that is!

The last time I shared these, I was still living in 


The yellow may be a little bright?

We have been in our new home six weeks now and 

loving it!

The move was not without its trials but once we were 

in, the unpacking progressed quickly!

20 blocks

I love my new sewing room- its only small but the light 

is fabulous. 

24 blocks 

I think I may have enough fabric for at least 42 blocks.

I keep going through my stash and unearthing little 

gems that just might work!

Pieces cut out...

Maybe next time you see this it will be a complete quilt 


Jen Kingwell, the designer of this pattern, 

tends to name many of her designs for the towns 

around her home.

And 30!

I have done that with a few.

"New Brighton Gardens" was named after the street and 

suburb we lived in for eight months.

New Brighton Gardens

So following that fine tradition, 

I am naming this quilt Carisbrook!

Happy sewing....


Saturday, October 15, 2022

Dogs In Sweaters

I purchased the "Dogs in Sweaters" pattern from 

Facebook Marketplace a little while ago.....

I had fabric set aside so decided to get going on one 


The poor pup doesn't have his bottom constructed 

properly here...

And he looks far more distinguished with his spectacles.

I've begun quilting it, to make it into a cushion...

and I am loving how it looks!

This photo (above) better shows the blue of the linen 


When I purchased the pattern, along with a couple of 

Elizabeth Hartman patterns,

the lady kindly gave me two 'half' size blocks she had 

no use for!

I'm in awe of her piecing skills...

These blocks are only 9" by 6", with some teeny tiny 

piecing there!


    I thought they would make great drawstring bags....

I made my own drawstrings from some leftover binding 


Happy sewing!


Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Drawstring Bags

 I gave you a little sneak peek of what I was working on 

in my last post.

So I've made them doily and fabric scraps into 

drawstring bags....

Of various sizes.

Most required nothing but bits and pieces from my 


I did have to purchase some blue grosgrain ribbon to 

finish the last two.

Now to decide on a price that will ensure they sell but 

not so little than I'm practically giving them away!

Happy sewing!


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