Monday, June 13, 2011

All Saints- Spitalfields

We found this amazing shop in London today!

I would describe it as a virtual museum of sewing machines!

Yes- these are all vintage sewing machines!

Lining each side of the stairwell...

And all the way to the ceiling!

Regular household machines...

And more industrial models!

And fabulous wooden bobbins!

And I'm not even sure what these were?

With wonderful handbags being displayed!

So on a wet London day, can you tell what was my highlight?

Happy days!



  1. What a fun find on your London holiday!

  2. Very cool - I love the vintage singers. My mother had one when I was a child but gave it away when we moved, I remember : (

    Enjoy the rest of your time in London!

  3. OMGollygumboots!!! That looks amazing!! 3 cheers for the people for making a display like that.

  4. Wow! That is incredible! I would love to see that...but the name Spitalfield conjures up all kinds of bad thoughts! LOL!

  5. All Saints must have bought every old Singer in the country as all their shops are crammed with them, amazing huh!

    Apologies for the 'Summer'!

  6. That looks completely amazing, what a great find. Love the way they have been displayed.
    It was wet and grey here too!

  7. OMG - that is worth trip to London in itself. How awesome is that!

  8. We saw a store like that in Glasgow last year. Very cool!!


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