Monday, April 30, 2012

Zakka Patchwork Pencil Case...

A new hobby....

deserves a new accessory!

This is another project from the Zakka Style Sew-along...

Only I decided I needed a holder for my crochet hooks!

In my rush to get it finished, I attached the band closure to the wrong end!

It doesn't look 

quite like it's supposed to!

So to prove I'm not a total 'nuff-nuff'....

 I made another!

This one is for my sister, Helen....

We went to a crochet workshop together recently and this may encourage her

to keep practising!

Her efforts were much better than mine, however, so I need plenty of practise!

This little case came together almost magically!

Very clever indeed!

Happy sewing!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

My son dropped in for a visit last weekend wanting to know if I had anything for a friend whose wife had just had a baby girl!

I didn't, so I made this....

(The photos are a little on the blue side; must've been the light!)

I had some charm squares left over from the last baby quilt I made so they were 


I supplemented from my meagre stash of pinks and bought some pretty pink 

solid for sashing....

And appliqued a heart in the corner!

Some straight line quilting....

And a machine finished binding, simply bringing the backing to the front!

Ooh, better go, Ben's here to pick up the quilt!

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy sewing!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

A snapshot....

of some works in progress....

More foundation pieced pickle dish arcs for my "Ginger Kisses" quilt.

(I think the official name is "Gypsy Kisses" but

 I don't know any gypsies but I do know Ginger Kisses-

yummy little ginger cakes.)

I have also added two borders to my "Summer Stars" quilt top....

I am not sure I like it?

I found it very difficult finding a suitable fabric, some were too strong and 

over-powering, others too subtle and timid!

I'm letting it 'develop', like a good wine, before I start quilting it!

(Do you do that...confine a quilt top to the back of the cupboard, hoping it will 

improve with age?)

And I've purchased a new stack of fabric (from GJ Fabrics) for a secret 


which I hope to start cutting on the weekend.....

but I have another baby quilt to finish before then!

Happy sewing!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Good things....

.....happen in threes!

Firstly I was very happy to have Ayumi from Pink Penguin comment on my new 

pin cushion....

Yes, I've been playing with PicMonkey!

I won a lovely book in a giveaway on "A Spoonful of Sugar" blog!

It was wrapped in an old dress pattern- how cool is that?

No, its not a quilting book, but it looks really interesting!

And the third, and most exciting thing, is....

 my FW "Sunnybrook Farm" quilt....

....... is being featured on Quiltstory today!

Happy days indeed!


Saturday, April 21, 2012


I've had some charm squares, which I won, for a while now, 

waiting to be made into.....

A baby quilt for work friends!

This is a combination of Sophie by Chez Moi for Moda.....

And Farm Fresh by Riley Blake.

As we don't know whether the new arrival is a boy or girl,

I took out anything that was TOO pink!

And backed it in "Hedgehog Heaven" by Michael Miller.

And bound it with a pretty DS print!

I kept the quilting simple....

but I still may add some hand quilting?

It's great to have quilt #4 ticked off for 2012!

What to now???

The obligatory 'rolled up' shot!

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zakka Pincushion!

I love pin cushions......

I have a special one from Mary, 

which I use while hand sewing.

And a portable one from Susan,

which I can hardly bear to stick pins or needles in!

And a new one I made.....

for the Zakka Style Sew-Along!

With its sweet little buttons and braid.....

Linking up with LR Stitched

Happy Sewing!


Friday, April 13, 2012


(Definition: without method or conscious decision)

English Paper Piecing my latest Jazz Hands block.....

machine piecing a new baby quilt....

which will be revealed soon...

fabric swapping....

and another four bitty blocks....

inspired by Style Icon, Grace Kelly!

A fine way to spend the last days of my Autumn (Fall) holiday (vacation)!

Happy days!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Inspiration in Arles...

I have always loved this photo of window shutters I took last year in Arles!

So I have used it as the inspiration for the "Aurifil-Make a Designer Collection"

Competition over at Lily's Quilts

I love the subtlety and delicacy of this range of colours!

And onto other matters.....

I have made some more Bitty Blocks...

No, not volcanoes erupting!

Little Black Dresses- foundation pieced 



I had great fun improvising with these!

There is also a baby quilt on the drawing board!

I hope to have it ready to show you in a few days time!

What have you got on the drawing board?

Happy sewing!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Perfectionist or Realist!

I'm definitely a realist!

I had one of two choices as I put together the "Summer Stars" quilt top!

Well, three if you count tossing it in the bin!

You see this pattern nearly had me beat!

I managed the set-in diamonds without much difficulty....

Yes, more spotted background!

It was the   @$#(&$*@*  points that got to me!

I was nearly halfway through getting it pieced together before I worked out what 

the problem was.....

(The complicated piecing formation didn't help!)

So do I unpick not just all the piecing I had taken 4 hours to complete, but even 

some of the stars themselves?

or continue and search for a solution I would be happy with.....

So the realist in me continued.

I was also afraid if I did unpick I may make the situation 

even worse!

That 'yo-yo' hides a multitude of things!

Then it really would have ended up in the garbage!

So long story short...its together!

Doesn't look to bad from here, does it?

Some points are pretty good....

But some are just plain nasty!

I have learnt a little about quilting patterns from this marathon effort.....

Exact measurements of the stars themselves may have helped.

The other reason I decided to be a realist....

There are still too many lovely patterns out there I want to make!

So tell me, are you a perfectionist or a realist?

Happy sewing!


Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced


Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday!
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