Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Musicians of Bremen

What do a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster have 

in common?

They are all significant characters in the traditional 

folktale "The Musicians of Bremen" from Germany!

But it took me a while to connect the dots when a 

colleague asked for a quilt featuring them.

I found a graphic on Etsy that I was able to use.....

So I cut them out in felt and then thought,

"What now?"

A scrounge through my stash revealed a surprising 

number of coordinating fabrics...

With chickens, cats, dogs AND foxes, my friend's 

favourite animal!

No donkeys I'm afraid!

So I pieced a simple patchwork panel of 3" squares,

bordered it with blue....

And played around with the animal placement.

I felt the animals got a little lost like this,

so hand stitched the animal quartet 

to the lower one!

I then did two types of quilting....

a simple grid in the centre

and what I am calling a square stipple on 

the borders!

The backing is a circus print that matches- 

colour-wise, at least!

I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out....

And hope my friend is too!

Finished size- 32" by 39"

Happy sewing! 


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Pattern Review

Since I started seriously sewing my own clothes 

again, I have become a member of Pattern Review.

It's a great place to publish finished garments and 

give feedback on the patterns used.

And of course you read other's handy hints and 


Thankfully this Stylearc pattern, Adeline,

caused me no difficulties and it came together in a 

few hours last weekend!

And this one, by New Look, was completed back in 

Winter, but was worn to work last week too!

An easy style to wear on a warm day.

Finally, this skirt is another version of the 

Puddlelane pattern I've made before.

This is made from another piece of Outback Wife, 

the fabric I scored for $9 a metre earlier in the year.

I can highly recommend checking out 

Pattern Review 

if you sew any sorts of clothes at all!

Happy sewing!


Saturday, November 3, 2018

I'm home!

I had a wonderful holiday...

Besides seeing some amazing natural sights,

thread and fabric displays popped up in a number of 

unexpected places...

Firstly this exhibition in Waitangi-

beautiful cross stitching and even some patchwork blocks. 

 Then I spied this vintage quilt in an antique shop...

I thought it was a bargain at $30, but decided I have 

enough projects of my own, let alone taking on someone 


I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow quilter in a holiday 

park in Napier...

and I'm guessing this was her quilt I saw on the line when 

we left the next morning!

I also stumbled across a little quilt show by the 

Taranaki Quilters...

I loved seeing the variety of quilts and talent of 

these modern quilters!

There was this cool bike in the street in New 


And finally, I spied these quilts (on the left) in a window in 


Stitching and threads are all around us, 

you just have to keep a lookout!

I hope to be back with a small finish soon!

Happy days indeed!


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