Saturday, November 3, 2018

I'm home!

I had a wonderful holiday...

Besides seeing some amazing natural sights,

thread and fabric displays popped up in a number of 

unexpected places...

Firstly this exhibition in Waitangi-

beautiful cross stitching and even some patchwork blocks. 

 Then I spied this vintage quilt in an antique shop...

I thought it was a bargain at $30, but decided I have 

enough projects of my own, let alone taking on someone 


I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow quilter in a holiday 

park in Napier...

and I'm guessing this was her quilt I saw on the line when 

we left the next morning!

I also stumbled across a little quilt show by the 

Taranaki Quilters...

I loved seeing the variety of quilts and talent of 

these modern quilters!

There was this cool bike in the street in New 


And finally, I spied these quilts (on the left) in a window in 


Stitching and threads are all around us, 

you just have to keep a lookout!

I hope to be back with a small finish soon!

Happy days indeed!


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