Friday, June 17, 2011

I finally bought...

 ...Some fabric!

Disappointingly the textiles display at the Victoria and Albert Museum is in 'mothballs'-

Its been packed away, to be moved to a new museum.

So I had to console myself with buying fabric...

and some postcards of fabric...

and a sweet pair of button earrings!

The fabric is a reproduction print from a quilt made sometime around the 


It is called 'Seed Head'!

And was made by Liberty!

Just as well I made this purchase...

I couldn't afford anything from the Liberty store, even when it was on sale!

I did, however, snap up a bargain at Anthropologie!

The cutest tea towel for half price!

Too nice for dishes!

I do love owls!

I would have loved to have bought some of their ceramics but I didn't like my chances of getting a plate or cup home in one piece!

Maybe one day....

(We are finally in Spain!  Another post coming soon!)

Happy days!



  1. Yay for shopping like that!! I got that turquoise Seed Head fabric on my birthday last June when I went to see the Quilts at the V&A - that's where my quest began...and the fabric is too precious to use just yet!

    Enjoy the sunshine x

  2. love that towel. Isn't Anthropology just the best?

  3. Ahh, the fabric post! I've been waiting to see some fabric from your travels. Love the teatowel too!

  4. Oh my! That fabric is just to die for....I love it! And the tea towel is precious. I don't use my Anthro tea towels either...just for lookin' cute!

  5. Hi Suz glad to hear you are having a great trip - I don't think I have ever had success with a great textile display being shown at the V&A but I have enjoyed their gift shop. Wow that tea towel is great!! Keep safe!

  6. Och! How disappointing! But the fabrics you bought are lovely! Happy travels!


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