Sunday, October 24, 2021

Where to now?

 As we begin to open up after our eleven week 


there is still some nervousness about how life will look 

in the near future.

It is wonderful to see people enjoying our new-found 


Getting a haircut and new glasses were high on my 

priority list!

The spectacles are my usual shape but I do love the 


I finished this dress a while back.

This is the "Emerson" Stylearc pattern, which I altered 

slightly, by not having it button all the way through.

I also had a little trouble with the Mandarin collar so I 

just bound the edge, as I would a quilt!

I finally decided to begin a new quilt, by sorting through 

my scraps, yet again!

These are 16-patch blocks made from 2 and 1/2" 


This is the quilt I am using as inspiration.....

but first I need to make a trip to my LQS for some 

white solid fabric.

While not all retail is open, many innovative businesses 
are able to set up shop on the footpath outside.

All this will change on Friday when we will have 80% of 
our 16+ population vaccinated,
allowing regional travel and retail/entertainment to reopen!

Here we are in Vietnam, New Zealand, France and Melbourne!

Today my husband and I celebrate our 40th wedding 

So there is some cause for celebration.

Unfortunately our plans for a meal in a restaurant together, for the first time in who-knows-when have been scarpered......

 by a malfunction in the kitchen of our chosen 

Life certainly is looking a little different from last week, from last year AND from 1981!

Happy days!


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