Friday, September 9, 2022

A Turret Obsession!

I will be moving soon...

From bayside to rural!

No, this is not our house.... 

Not our house.

or this!

One thing that I noticed when we moved 'bayside' 

was how the architecture was so different 

from what I had been used to.....

               Can you tell what caught my eye? 


A modern take on a turret!

Turrets seemed to adorn many of the houses 

in the neighbourhood.

A turret, according to the online Oxford dictionary is

 "a small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall, typically of a castle."

Well, there are no castles, but some are pretty 


I became a bit obsessed with finding just one more....

sometimes going for a detour on my way home from 


 in the hope of finding another!

Some were hard to see and photograph....

hidden high behind fences and vegetation.

And others humbly sit atop modest 

homes, for all to admire!

Trust me, these are all different!

I think I will miss these....

I wonder if there are any more out there I didn't find?

Oh, this is our new house.......

We move in this week!

Happy days


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