Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Lakeside Circuit

It was such a beautiful Winter's day today, I decided 

that my latest quilt needed an airing!

I had a lovely time photographing it at Blackburn 

Lake Sanctuary!

It was so peaceful without a breath of wind...

I love that little touch of red in there

I enjoyed wandering and finding places to take 


I hope you enjoy them...

I had curious duck glide by for a slightly closer look

I settled on the name while walking the Lakeside 


The colours of the setting are fitting with "lakeside"

and the "circuit" for the spiral quilting.

Even little quilts need glamour photo shoots!

Can you tell I love this little quilt?

Stats: 38" square
Name: "Lakeside Circuit"
Machine quilted in a spiral on my Juki HZL600
7th finish for 2019
and my 107th all-time quilt

Happy sewing!


Monday, June 24, 2019

Trying out some new ideas!

My scrappy green quilt is finished, 

and as it was only 38" square, 

I decided to try out spiral quilting for the first time!

I knew pretty much straight away that I wouldn't be 

able to use a washable marker

The colour is off here
to draw my starting spiral.
So I chose to try a dissolvable stabilizer I had from 

an embroidery project.

It is slow going at the start, one stitch at a time.

I started with quite a tight spiral with lines about 

1/4" apart,

slowly increasing it to 1/2" or even a little bit more as

I circled my way out, 

I used the previous stitching line hugging the 

presser foot as I sewed around and around.

You can see the different widths here.

and on the back!

The second thing I wanted to try was a machine 

embroidered label as part of the binding. 

I like how it looks here, but I will need to sew closer 

to the fold next time.

It doesn't sit well when folded to the back.

Now I'm off to get some 'glamour' shots!

Stay tuned for more photos of this as yet unnamed 



Saturday, June 22, 2019

More of the same....

Colours, that is!

Sewing time is scarce as the semester comes to an 


So when the worst of the grading and reporting was 

over, my scrap box was calling me!

I didn't feel like the structure of a pattern so just 

started playing ....

In the process, I remembered a quilt I'd made about 

eight years ago....

Jodi @ Pleasant Home who no longer blogs,

was running a sewalong,

and this is the quilt I made back then.

It is such a great scrapbuster

It finishes at 35" square, a good size for a baby play 

quilt, I think?

I basted it today, so it's ready to be quilted 


It will then go in the gift cupboard until I find a 

suitable recipient!

Do you have a husband that comes home and says,

"Do you have a baby quilt for so-and-so?

It would be nice to "yes" the next time he asks!

Now it's back to that scrap pile....

I have a plan for those too!

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Returning to some favourites...

Well, favourite colours that is!

It seems I am drawn to this colour palette...

Bricolage - a sampler made to my own 

design back in 2012

and "Sanctuary" 

 made for a friend in 2018

And of course my latest woollen projects

Viridian jumper just finished

Yarn waiting for a pattern

now this....

 It is only 30" by 48", at this stage.

so I'll need to go back to block building!

And then to decide if I want to use this layout of go 

for something more 'radical'!

Then it would certainly be a "Wild Goose Chase"!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, May 12, 2019

"Free Wheelin"

is my sixth finish for the year!

It is a scaled-down version of the Meadowland quilt.

I added a thin sashing to change it up some more.

             It's not a big quilt- about 52" square.

I quilted it in a variety of wavy lines 

both from my machine's stitching options and some 

free motion ones.

It's now looking for a new home!

This is quilt #106 on my all-time list!

Happy sewing!


Wednesday, May 1, 2019


I really did intend to quilt one last WIP before I 

started something new....

Only some of these made the final 'cut'!

But I was laid low with a head cold and couldn't face

the basting part! 

So cutting and piecing my Outback Wife stash was a 

much easier option!

This is just a rough layout, while I worked out how 

to fill in the gaps.

While I was piecing this together
, I discovered I had miscounted my blocks, so the full reveal of a quilt top will have to wait a little longer.

And in some exciting news, I got my first quilt commission today!



Saturday, April 20, 2019

On a roll...

to get projects started and finished!

I promised my sister a Bento Bag, so I got busy and 

made this one!

I wanted to try my hand at another fabric 


          And my daughter-in-law requested some new                                
                                  burp cloths....

Finally, I hand quilted and bound my Summer 

Insects project,

in progress.....

 started back in December!

Very appropriate on a 30°C day in April! 

 Can you believe I only have ONE, yes ONE project 

on my WIPs list?

I need to remedy that soon!


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