Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Always Learning!

 I had little idea of how rulers worked with machine 

quilting, so its been a big learning curve!

But I'm having fun in the process!

After only one lesson, and plenty of YouTube time, I'm 

enjoying trying out many designs.

The four week, 20 hour quilting course was very 

reasonably priced.

Having to buy seven rulers to start was not so good!

That's why I am trying to educate myself.

There's no way I am going to be talked into more 


(Besides, the teacher took too much time helping 

student learn how to use her fancy new machine,

or selling threads to other students!)

There are so many great videos out there to help you.

This one  (linked) by Angela Walters might inspire you!

All you really need is a ruler foot and a quilting ruler.

The ruler foot needs to be either a low or high shank 

one, depending on your machine.

Quilting rulers are made by many, many companies!

You may notice there are two different looking rulers 


solid straight and curved ones,

The stickers are there so the rulers don't get mixed up in class.

and ones with cut outs.

And there are little rubbery bits of tape attached to help with grip

I haven't quite worked out which ones are better or 

which I prefer yet...

So I guess I'll just keep practising!

Still some wonky sewing happening!

Happy sewing!


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