Thursday, July 2, 2020

Our Covid-19 Break out!

No need to comment, I just wanted a record of our                        
              recent getaway(20-27th June 2020)


View from the apartment

Moyne River- Port Fairy

We saw a rainbow every day!

Port Fairy Lighthouse

A beautiful still morning!

Another view of the river

Wind turbines on a farm!

Cape Nelson Lighthouse

Bridgewater Bay!

Some fabric purchases, supporting the local economy


Tower Hill 

The Shipwreck Coast

The Grotto

London Bridge- just not in London!

Happy days!


Saturday, June 27, 2020

Port Fairy Tales

Mr. PnP have been away for a short break, 

down on the Shipwreck Coast in western Victoria,

hence the name "Port Fairy Tales".

I had a great opportunity to finish binding my 

Heather Ross/ Sawtooth Mania quilt,

And to get some pretty photos of it!

I had a very willing quilt holder, but this backdrop was 

in the shade!

It was only when we returned to our accommodation 

that I noticed the log with the ocean in the background!

Finally some close-ups of the quilting...

 straight lines on the machine,

and a little Perle handquilting!

Quilt #6 for 2020
Lifetime quilt #124
47" square
"Sawtooth Mania" pattern by OPQ

I only have two quilts at the "WIPs" stage, but before I 

start new one, I have some clothes to make!

Happy sewing!


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Starts and Finishes

I love my Alaska sweater!

It is so very cosy and warm.

And this flimsy is finished....

My friend Elizabeth @ Occasional Piece Quilts 

recently released this Sawtooth Mania pattern

8" blocks
There's a good variety of centres to choose from but

 I made 16 blocks with one-inch strips and a 

four-inch border.

I love this block- the green leaf shapes look like 

lilypads for the frogs to sit on!

I pieced the backing from leftover bits and pieces.

I went across to Darn Cheap with the intention of 

purchasing fabric for a skirt.

And I found the perfect wool to match a recent yarn 


And a trip to GJ's found the perfect lining ...

and these 

pretty little rolls of patchwork fabric.

Not sure what I will make but those cool 

wintery tones were calling me.

Now to get knitting...

Happy days!


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Returning to Work!

I have been off work for eight weeks and wanted to 

record here what I was able to achieve in these 

strange times!

 So don't feel the need to comment as you've 

probably seen all this before.

 Besides lots of walking in the beautiful Autumn 


I made these for Eli and Aston...

Finished two quilts...

"Hindsight 2020" was made from start to finish in this


And I got this one to flimsy stage,

started this jumper...

And I've only got half a sleeve to finish!

And made these sawtooth star blocks for a new quilt!

I'll share some more about them when I get it to 

flimsy stage!

So now its time to get the work clothes, makeup, 

jewellery and perfume out of mothballs.

But that's ok.... 

the next break is only four weeks away!

Happy days!


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hindsight indeed!

After about twenty hours of quilting my "Hindsight 

2020" quilt is finished.

And in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have chosen 

to do this spiral quilting.

Given the way my thoughts go round and round in 

the middle of the night, during these trying times,

spiral quilting was appropriate, I guess!

I lost count of how many bobbins I wound....

I scrounged through all my thread supplies, not 

wanting to buy anymore unless absolutely necessary!

I quilted each line half an inch apart, and the quilt 

is 66" square. 

So I went round and round over 130 times!!

The weather has taken a turn for the worst this 

week, with winter not far away...

so it's indoor photos today!

These photos show the quilting very well....

and the backing!

And I curved the corners to echo the 

curvy quilting lines.

Quilt #5 for 2020
Lifetime quilt #123
66" square
Mystery quilt pattern from South Australia Quilt Guild

Happy sewing!


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