Sunday, August 11, 2019

Have I shown you these?

This is a bit of a summary of what I've been 

sewing lately....

four more Boston Pavement blocks....

                 in a variety of prints and colours.

I've made twelve blocks now.

A little diversion of zipper pouch making....

and some pattern testing with these blocks.


So it looks like I've started another quilt!

Yes, green again!

I have a little boy in mind for this!

I wanted to use a blue and grey colour palette but I 

just don't have that many blue fabrics.

So I'm doing a swap with Linda @Koka Quilts

These are what I am sending.

Go to Linda's blog and have a look at the beauties 

she's sending me! 

Until next time....

happy sewing!


Sunday, August 4, 2019


Did you know that a group of hedgehogs is known as 

a Prickle?

Cute, hey?

So it seemed a very appropriate name for my 

latest quilt finish.

I quilted some simple vertical and horizontal lines on 

my Juki and 

then hand quilted, with quilting cotton around each 

of the feature squares.

The wool batting gave it a loftier look than I 

am used to,

but perfect for a baby all the same.

The colours were not easy to photograph....

It looks much better in the daylight!

A view of the back

Ready to be gifted tomorrow!

Quilt No. 10 for 2019
Finished size 36" by 48"
No. 114 all-time quilt

Happy sewing!


Sunday, July 28, 2019

Not much sewing....

but plenty of fabric and quilts, all the same!

I attended the Craft and Quilt Show in Melbourne 


Machine quilted by Karen Terrens

mainly to see my friend Jenny's beautiful quilts, two 

of which were adorned with ribbons!

Her skill at rescuing old and worn quilts and 

re-making them is nothing short of magical!

Much of her piecing is done by hand too!

Machine quilted by Karen too

Another friend, Karen, was awarded a ribbon for this 

machine quilted piece....

What a stunning colour!

I was also impressed by this clamshell mini quilt...

20" square with each clamshell piece being 

no more than 1"!

I know I could never achieve anything like these but 

they are a wonder to see and marvel over!

I did do some stash enhancement at my favourite 

fabric discount shop, "Darn Cheap" fabrics, last week.

These will make great baby quilts,

don't you think? 

Happy days,


Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Productivity has slowed down now that I am back at 


but I try to sew for a little time every day!

Yes, I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who 

loves to cook.

    Anyway, here is what I have been working on.....

Two blogging friends have made inquiries about 

getting this free block pattern that I originally 

accessed through Craftsy, now owned by Bluprint.

I remember at the time that Bluprint only retained 

certain files and it seems this was not one of them.

               If you'd like a copy please shoot me an             
                  email and I will send it to you.

                     (Edited: The original post and creator of this block is acknowledged here)

    To take a break from the mess of paper piecing I

        decided to try something new and simple...

And I did a mock-up in a photo collage app to see 

what it might look!

And what it looks like after four blocks were 


This will become a baby quilt for one of my medical 

carers whose wife is due to have a baby next month.

This quilts name is "Prickle" because a group of 

hedgehogs is a Prickle.

Happy sewing!


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Ruby Tuesday

That is the name of my latest quilt finish and #9 for 


I felt I needed a break from all the greens, so pulled 

a blend of pinks, reds, corals and creams from my 


My friend reminded me of the simple but effective 

free pattern by Film in the Fridge called "2 by 4"

The tutorial is found here

As you can imagine, it came together very quickly!

While waiting for the basting spray to dry I made a 

label and binding.

One reason I made this little quilt was to try out 

another machine quilting design from "WALK", the 

walking foot book by Jacquie Gering.

I traced a petal shape with my water dissolvable 


And I think the petal design worked well, 

even if some of it is a little wonky!

The second reason was to have another quilt in the 

gift cupboard, this one maybe for a girl.

In fact, I think I have found a recipient!

The third reason?

I needed to make a quilt I could call "Ruby Tuesday"!

Finished size 49" by 45"

Pardon the boring indoor photos....

the weather is dark, dreary and windy this week!

No glamour shots for this girl!

Happy sewing!

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