Sunday, September 23, 2018

Another catch-up!

I put together this quilt last week.....

Lots of big prints and low volume sashing!

And I finished this dress this morning! 

"Easy Vogue v9327"

The front...

 and the back!

Now it is school holidays, I am aiming to get at least 

one quilt quilted.....

with this one being basted today!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, September 9, 2018


I've had more success with my clothes sewing lately!

Last weekend I made this skirt..... 

from this pattern.

And ordered this fabric....

to make this pattern!

Clothes, when they work, are much quicker to make 

than quilts!

Although a touch of Spring weather yesterday...

has me dreaming of a quilt from my stash of AMH 


Happy sewing!


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Some success....

Some failures!

This dress was a failure...

Way too big! 

I am hoping it might fit a friend?

Thankfully I had more success with this one...

made from my recent Outback Wife purchase.

 Last week I delivered these two cushions to my 


where they are now happily living on her guest bed!

I've added some trees to the foxy forest,

but it is going in the WIPs cupboard for a while....

the intended recipient doesn't like it!

And I am still thinking about these...

I may add some other pastel colours?

How do you rise above your failures, and not let 

them get you down?

Happy sewing!


Saturday, August 11, 2018


 Yes, that is what I started to think when I realised 

how many straight lines

I would have to sew to get this finished!

The overall design of this never worked for me....

             and I just wanted to move it from 

            the "WIPS" list to the "Finished" one!

    There is a line in "Alice in Wonderland" that says 

                 all the best people are bonkers!

                         So it certainly fits!

I think I will find a recipient  who will likeit!

     It's had a wash and dry and waiting patiently for                     
                    that person to materialise.

              That makes my 8th quilt finish for 2018 

                                and #96 ever.....

                                Happy sewing!


Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Bento bag or two..

My sister was recently admiring this little Bento bag,

and it reminded me that I wanted to try a larger one.

 This one started as a 43.5" by 14.5" rectangle,

just so I have the details for next time!

I stumbled across a variation which joined the 


instead of knotting the ends as in the original.

So I followed this version

and stitched the ends together....

and added a spotty handle.

This bag now holds 800g of yarn, needles and 

pattern ready for my next knitting project!

Quick and very satisfying!

Happy sewing!


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Drawstring bags!

I made a couple of drawstring bags for Eli today!

I followed my favourite tutorial found here to make 

the smaller one.

To make the larger one I increased the 

measurements to this:

Main outer: 14 1/4" by 12 1/2" x2
Accent outer: 4 1/2" by 12 1/2" x2
Lining: 18" by 12 1/2" x2

I'm recording them here so I have them for future 


I'm making plans for this;

there is definitely a dress and quilt earmarked for 


Happy sewing!


Monday, July 16, 2018

Frieda's Platter Quilt

I am very pleased to share my latest quilt finish 

with you! 

It has been finished for a few days but I was waiting 

to get some decent photos.....

 which was tricky as it is a very large quilt

 (90" by 75") 

The pretty pieced back

AND it's Winter, so sunny, still days are few and far 


I kept the quilting simple, to let the Dresdens shine!

I always like to give my quilts a unique name, 

especially when I use a traditional quilt pattern.

The hand quilting can be seen more clearly here....

So...Frieda was my mother's name and she was of

German ancestry, hence the link to Dresden, a city  

in Germany.

And 'Platter' because these are really big plates!😆

I had one block left so it was easy to use it as a 


Quilt #95, "Frieda's Platter", measures 90" by 75", given to Helen

And here are a couple of photos of it in its  

happy new home.....

It fits the single bed nicely!

And the double bed too!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Feathered Cushion!

One of the requirements for my recent workshop with Anna Maria Horner was a quilt block, layered up reading for handquilting.

So I was delighted to re-discover my sample Feather block, made from AMH's pattern, from my first bee with Mid Century Modern Bee back in 2013.

I've spent the last few weeks hand quilting it and 

now it is a cushion!

I found the perfect backing in my stash- a C&S linen 

printed with arrows!

I chose a envelope closure and no trim, 

keeping things simple....

letting the hand quilting shine!

I love the texture created!


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Sewing Diversion

Sometimes it's nice to sew something different...

So I had a break from my quilt making 

Hand quilting

in all it's forms, to do some garment sewing.

First up, a pair of PJ pants for Eli....

 I then tackled this Summer dress I'd had cut out 


from this New Look #6022 pattern

A great dress that came together really easily!

Finally a lined winter skirt from a very old 

Simplicity pattern

Simplicity #5914

Yes, it needs hemming; the hardest job of all!

Before I start machine quilting one of the three 

flimsies I have waiting,

The inside, where I neatened up along the zipper
 I made this zipper pouch,

from a mini charm pack

 following a tutorial, I found HERE.

It finished at about 11" by 4".

It's going in the gift cupboard in preparation for 


Happy sewing!

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