Wednesday, September 2, 2020


I've had problems with moths and silverfish,

nibbling at my "out-of-season" clothes!

and I certainly didn't want the smell of mothballs 

permeating them!

So I followed a recipe I found here

And I ordered some lavender and lemon balm online

to make some little fabric sachet bags!

and set them to work!

 On a completely different note, I wanted to check the 

length of my Whittaker pinafore,

So got my lipstick on and coerced Mr PnP to take 

some photos!

And I am happy to say the length is perfect!

Finally I found another fabulous free tutorial here 


after seeing lots of them on Instagram!

It's a mini maker station for the arm of my couch!

I love how it keeps everything together!

The perfect place for all my English Paper Piecing 


And I am pretty sure my Quattro Colour is going to be 

finished soon!

Happy sewing, and stay strong friends!


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Staying busy!

 I can honestly say I don't remember how long we

 have been in lockdown.

But sewing helps me punctuate my days!

I certainly don't have the focus to baste or quilt, 

Although I have pieced together

 a modified version of my Smorgasbord quilt.

And enjoy evenings EPP'ing my Quattro Colour quilt.

I'm up to the last round, aiming for an October 1st 


I have chosen some smaller projects too...

A new cushion in more subdued colours.

Using up every scrap of these fabrics!

I sorted out my dressmaking fabric stash and

made a Style Arc "Eme" dress.

Happy sewing indeed!


Tuesday, August 18, 2020


I enjoyed EVERY minute of making this pinafore!

While the pattern was pricey, the fabric was free!

So no complaints there!

The instructions are clear and detailed.

The tailoring details were time-consuming but very 

enjoyable to achieve.

It was great to focus and concentrate on new skills.

I had hoped to use my Juki's twin needle but due to 

lockdown, couldn't leave the house to shop for thread.

                                    Or buttons!

So eventually I found these cool hand made Liberty 


Maybe they don't exactly match the lining but I'm ok 

with that!

You get a better idea of the finishing details here....

I am really looking forward to breaking out and 

wearing this!

Until then, these photos will need to suffice!

Happy sewing!



Sunday, August 2, 2020

Smorgasbord Quilt

Yes, I've decided on a name for my solids quilt!

While the designer is not Scandanavian,  I feel this fits!

All these blocks are 6 1/2 " 

I thought it was time to introduce a little bit of white....

it was feeling a little Amish!

I've made another seven blocks this weekend,

after finishing my 28th mask on Friday!

I have another three 6 1/2" blocks and 

three 12" blocks to make!

 But it's back to online teaching tomorrow,

so these will have to wait!

Happy sewing!


Friday, July 24, 2020

Looking for a name!

I have had this pattern in my stash for over three 

years now!

It was a Block of the Month by Brigitte @Zen Chic

And a state of lockdown means no shopping except 

for groceries and medical supplies.

So, I did some stash diving and got cutting!

 I chose to cut the twenty rectangles first.

Then the blocks.

They are 6” and 12” blocks so all pretty 

straightforward, except the pattern is in German.

But there are good diagrams so nothing I couldn’t 

figure out.

Strangely I never found out the official name for it.

I went looking on her new and old blog but could 

find no reference to it.

It seems it was released through Instagram, but still 

without a name!

TeaRoseHome design

So while I sew masks I'll be contemplating what I 

should call it.

My husband has laid claim to this one!

Any ideas???

I recently gifted one of my quilts and received both  

a delicious box of chocolates and this photo as a 

thank you.

Oscar looks quite at home there, don't you think?

Happy sewing!


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Keep calm and sew on.....!

Thank you for all my lovely commenters following my last Blogpost.

My sister's pretty courtyard.
Thankfully I had the opportunity to get a neat haircut that will last me the six weeks of our current lockdown.

I have been sewing!

A new skirt....

I need to tweak the buttoning.....

to make it sit flat, but nothing that will take too much fixing!

There's no hurry, I'm not going anywhere for a while!

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Cotton, wool etc

While I was away, before our recent alarming COVID-19 spike,
    I bought this from an Instagram destash sale.
And this....

 I've spent some time unravelling a hand-knitted cardigan.

It belongs to my sister, and I
 obviously love the colour!

My grandson Eli is 4 soon, and he is a budding doctor.
         So some mini-scrubs were requested!

I have been making this skirt, with buttons I still need to purchase to complete it.

I've purchased a pattern for a pinafore to be made from this lovely denim a friend gave me!

Finally, I have slowly been English Paper Piecing my Quattro Colour blocks...

I must admit, with the possibility of another lockdown and online teaching looming, my enthusiasm for anything sewing related is dwindling!

Stay safe, stay strong friends!

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