Friday, May 13, 2022

Commenting on Blogs!

 I don't know what Blogger has done,

but I am unable to comment properly on many blogs at 

the moment!

The beach yesterday!

Sometimes it is this message:

    Clicking on the blue message goes nowhere, even if I am logged into my Google account!

         Other times I get the message...

          and I have to remain anonymous.....

      Then if I try to leave my name, 

    apparently I need a URL as well!

Or if I try to sign in, again with Google, it goes nowhere.....again!

It doesn't matter which browser I use, nothing changes!

I have mentioned it to a number of blog writers but they have no idea either!

Made for my grandson!

So sorry blogging friends, I am reading all about your 

quilty adventures, 

but fear the days of blogging are numbered!

I re-knitted the neck of this lovely jumper my sister made....all ready for a southern hemisphere winter!

Happy days...


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