Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A Pandemonium of Parrots

Or would you rather a 'prattle'?

Whatever you call them Australia is home to many 

species of cockatoos and parrots!

Many live around my new regional home!

So when I stumbled across a budgie pattern,

found HERE, I knew I 

could adapt it to suit my purposes.

I purchased some new Japanese solids which feel 

beautiful and felt they would be 

a wonderful addition to my stash.

I did a practice one first.....

Can you see where I made an error change?

It is the extra piece of blue fabric on the lowe

left-hand side of the bird's body.

Once I had done that, I decided it made for a better 

shaped bird.

Again I made an improvement by giving the next bird a 

two-toned taill

Then with the more complicated design I also split the 

tail colour into two.

They look more like birds with their felt eyes.

On a recent morning walk, I saw a flock of these pink 

and grey galahs.

So had to make one of those too!

Looking at the above photo I think I could have placed the colours better....

There are a couple of extras pieces in this one to get a 

good range of colour.

I have four that I definitely want to use.....

I think I will let them sit on their perch for a bit and 

then decide where to go next.

Happy sewing!


PS I saw this painting at the Bendigo Art Gallery today.

It is by an Australian female artist, Ellis Rowan.



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