Saturday, February 16, 2019

Finish Three- 2019

And the finishes keep coming!

But this one was two years in the making, so I hope

it was worth the wait!

My Delilah quilt, designed by Jen Kingwell and 

offered as a "Template of the Month" in 2017, has 

over 1650 pieces.

Blocks measure between 12" and 3".

Of some designs there are two blocks, others as 

many as nine!

 I was thrilled to find a fabric that worked so well 

as a backing!

And being from my favourite fabric store,

 Darn Cheap, it didn't break the bank!

I had an extra helper with my photo shoot this 


The grey binding was from Emma Jean Jansen's

"Classics" range, Bushsticks in Silver.

I love how the sun came shining through this 

photo.... totally unexpected!

 I spent one-month hand quilting "Shadows Of Love".

What will I do in the evenings now?

Maybe its time to pick the knitting up again?

Happy sewing!


Friday, February 8, 2019

Missing in Action....

Has it really been nearly three weeks between blog posts?

Life got in the way, I guess!

But I have been sewing, so here's a quick recap-

I found a pattern for my lightweight denim 

purchased in New Zealand...

  New Look #6500

Believe me, it looks far better on ME than it does on 

the sewing dummy!

I really love the fringe details!

And, yes, I started a new quilt with these fabrics!

It is a pattern called Meadowland.

I do have it pieced together but will save that until I 

can get a better photo!

 Mr. Adventure Bear is slowly coming together!

 Most evenings have been spent hand quilting my 

"Shadows of Love" quilt....

The colour is off a bit in this photo

The texture is wonderful!
I'm hoping to have this finished soon!

What have you been up to the last few weeks?

Happy sewing!


Monday, January 21, 2019


The summer holidays are quickly coming to an end.

So I am a little reluctant to start anything new!

 I decided it was time to quilt my "Delilah" quilt,

with some machine stitching to anchor everything 


"Shadows of Love" is its formal name

then hand quilting, with a variegated Aurifil 

thread in 12 weight!

 I've added some new fat quarters to my stash.

Aren't those colours pretty?

And I "Marie Kondo-ed" it in my new little shelf.

I finished this hoop sometime ago. 

                            Did I show you?

Finally I am making a little bear for my grandson Eli.

             We love to go on adventures together!   

                          Happy sewing! 


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A summer weekend

saw a quilt finish...

I'm calling this "Mint Thicket", 

because the panels are from the Thicket range.

 I visited my sister down by the beach to get some 


Helen makes a great quilt holder!

I did some simple hand quilting around each 


 I'll be keeping this quilt for a picnic quilt....

because it contains some of Eli's favourite animals.

We are looking forward to using it soon!

I had pieced the back a while ago so it came 

together quickly!

I also used the time to help Helen make this dress....

Vogue pattern #9237 again.

It's such a great pattern and a very easy make!

A very pleasant weekend indeed!

Happy days!


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A quick catch-up!

Summer is in full swing here, so there's lot to be done.

Evenings have been spent hand stitching....

The designer even shared it on Instagram yesterday!

And I've loved making this quilt top!

At a loose end, and not feeling like the basting, 

quilting, binding rigmarole, 

I decided to delve into my 2.5" scrap box.

I found I had already pieced thirty-two 4 by 4 


so kept going and came up with this.

Now to find some backing and get quilting!

I even have a recipient in mind.
Happy sewing!


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcome 2019!

I probably should have finished 2018 with this 

post, but it didn't happen.

Here is a summary of my 2018 makes, as shown on 

Instagram with the hashtag #topnine2018
Some of my favourite makes from 2018

 I realised last week that some of these quilts were 

not labelled,

so I spent some time remedying that!

When I showed my Clambake quilt top on Instagram 

the other day, I was blown away with the 200+ likes!

That was just the incentive I needed to get it 


I spent some pleasant hours hand quilting it with 

black perle thread.

Of course, I attached a label immediately, sewing it 

into the binding.

I have called this "Clambake 101" as a tribute to 

my 101st quilt,

and quilt #1 for 2019!

Started November 2017,

Finished December 2018

Finished size 40" by 30"

Pattern from "Quilt Lovely" book by Jen Kingwell

Happy sewing!

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