Friday, April 19, 2024

A travelling quilt!

 I'm away on a little road trip 

but I couldn't wait until I got home to share my latest 


My lovely Aurifil threads!

Hard to beat black and white binding!

I'm trying to perfect the quilt swirl!

These photos are taken outside Lakes Entrance, in the 

east of Victoria, in a region called Gippsland.

I think the fold lines came from it sitting in the warm car on its little road trip!

I like the way the hexie shapes highlight the lovely 

Heather Ross prints.

There was a bit of wrangling getting those side 


pieced in, requiring some 'y seams'.....

 and maybe a bit of unpicking! #**!!

I'm not one to shy away from a challenge.

Maybe you can see the double rows of quilting in this photo?

These photos are taken in Metung, 

a beautiful fishing village long on my bucket list!

I have tentatively named it Violet Crumble but I will 

finally decide when I get home to make a label.

It's always nice to have a close-up of 

the backing and the binding...

And here's a better photo of the quilting lines, 

1/4" on either side of the hexagons.

Is there anything nicer than taking a quilt with you 

on the road trip?

This one certainly came in handy for afternoon naps 

after a long day of walking! 

I'm looking forward to getting home to start a new 


Happy sewing!

Quilt finish #2 for 2024
Lifetime quilt #154
Fiinished size - 48" by 56"


Sunday, April 14, 2024

A Quick Recap....

 Three projects at different stages.

Firstly, I completed my Sille Slipover during the week....

(I think the use of the word 'vest' confuses some

 as what we know as a singlet is called a vest in Britain)

I knitted it slightly longer than the pattern suggests

because I like my lower back covered.

My "Violet Crumble" quilt is at the binding stage, 

which I will hand stitch to the back this week, 

while I'm on another short road trip.

I will get some glamour shots while I am away!

I am also planning my next quilt... 

an 'all solids' pattern by Tara Faughnan

See you next week!


Monday, April 1, 2024

And moving on....

 With grandchildren poised to arrive at any moment, 

The hexie shape with two triangles was added.

I thought I'd give a quick update on my latest start. 

It might be a while til I get back to it....!

A black and white version to check tonal balance

It's now called "Violet Crumble" after the iconic 

Australian honeycomb candy bar.

The quilt is constructed in diagonal rows, pinning 

carefully at points of the triangles.

Yes, I like a challenge!

I still have the long centre rows to join...

but it's fun to see the star shapes appearing.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon with the flimsy complete!

Happy sewing!


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