Friday, June 29, 2018

Anna's Visit- Part II

In the evening Anna spoke for over 90 minutes 

about her creative journey

and the quilts that were part of it!

A colour study quilt, one of her early ones!

It was great to see the Feather quilt!

She remade it for her son, in a new design, with 

some of her favourite 

 Denyse Schmidt fabric.

She is a fan of a sawtooth border,

something I want to use in a quilt sometime soon!

There were various versions of "Folk Flowers".

  This one caught my eye for that stunning pink...

its a Free Spirit solid called "Tropical"!

This one was made for one of her daughters...

  she kept it hidden from her all throughout the 

making process!

Anna Maria has been collaborating with other fabric 

designers to produce a carefully curated range 

called Conservatory!

 These two quilts were made from these ranges...

When the talk was over we were given the 

opportunity to look at all the quilts close up!

Another sawtooth border!

Folk Flower in its different colourways!

And finally, this one is to showcase an upcoming 


 Interestingly it is a little more traditional in its block 


But still an inspiration in every way!

Oh, and this one because it's just perfectly pretty!

Happy sewing!


Thursday, June 28, 2018


Anna Maria Horner has been visiting Australia again!

I was lucky enough to attend both her hand stitching 

workshop and trunk show on Wednesday.

I have so many great ideas and photos to share, I 

will break it in two separate posts.

First, the hand stitching.

Anna went through her quilting techniques, as seen 

in this little video....

She designed the birds in her Cacophony range just

 so she could do little cross stitches on her quilts

And according to Anna, hot pink thread is a neutral!

And this one comes complete with pom-poms and 


I couldn't wait to practise my hand quilting stitch.

Since my accident last November, my hand quilting 

has suffered somewhat...

But I am pretty happy with how my sample feathers 

are looking, front...

and back!

She generously drew this little folk flower so I could 

practise my embroidery stitches...

and I purchased the "A to Z" embroidery templates 


It's not hard to tell that she has been hand stitching 

since she was five!

Another hint- chose long straight or wavy lines that 

avoids the seams,

makes for easier stitching!

Thank you Anna for your generosity in sharing your 

talent and skill with us!

Happy sewing!


Monday, June 25, 2018

Six for Six!

Well, it took five or more attempts, but I think I have

 fixed my email notification problem.

And to celebrate here is my sixth quilt finish for the 


Six quilts, one for each month of the year, so far! 

"If You Go Down To The Woods Today" is what I am 

calling it.

I kept the quilting simple, to retain the softness

 created with the Quilters Dream Cotton batting.

You can see the quilting here too!

I pieced the backing and I like how it mimics the 


Having no scraps to deal with is a good thing too!

I added one of my small labels tucked into the     


I am giving this quilt to a friend for their first 

grandchild, so I wanted to keep it simple.

This makes quilt #94 in my list of quilts made!

I hope this photo doesn't offend anyone....

then I will remove it...

Quilt #94, "If You Go Down To The Woods", measures 37" by 41", to be gifted.



Saturday, June 23, 2018

Giving it one last try!

Before I make my move to Wordpress final,

I am giving Blogger one last try!

(Helen's Dresden is all basted and being hand quilted. The straight lines are the machine basted stitches)

I have tried numerous 'fixes' to the comments/email 


So this is my last resort!

But what is a blogpost without some pretty pictures!

Here are the Clambake pieces I have been 

hand piecing.....

Now to wait to see if any comments get forwarded to 

my inbox....

Fingers crossed!



Sunday, June 17, 2018

No grand illusions!

No, I have no grand illusions about my machine 

quilting abilities...

So it was straight line all the way with my latest 


I made it a little bit special with simple hand quilting.

I'm calling this "Lions and Bears"!

In the winter sun
The recipient, a male colleague who retires from 

teaching this week,

played football for a team that had both these 


I chose these colours because I felt they represented

 my friend's link to those teams and the sporting

 house he has been associated with for the last 

twenty-five years.

And somehow these colours say "Renato" !

I had fun finding new places around my 'home'

to take photos!

This chair was a great colour match,

as was the brickwork of this building!

I love how this quilt crinkled up after a wash and dry!

And hope my friend loves it too!

Happy days!


I'm now blogging over at Wordpress:
you can find me here!
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