Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not another b!@@#y church!

No, I couldn't do it to you!

So I decided to share some of the photos of the wonderful dinner we had last night!

Friends recommended the restaurant in San Sebastian...

They even told us what to order!

First up a lovely half bottle of red!

Which accompanied a house salad to start!

Then the biggest steak I've ever eaten....

Well, shared!

(Vegetarians look away.... NOW!)

Melt in the mouth!

And the chips were amazing too!

And finally we had some room for dessert...

To share, of course!

Apple pudding.

Indeed, a meal to remember!

I hope you've been able to savour a little of it too!

Happy days!



  1. Looks divine. But for the record, I love your church pics!

  2. awe the food, that is the entire reason we travel...to eat and drink the wine!

  3. I've just had my breakfast but I could eat these photos they look so yummy!! And Spanish wine is in a league of its own!

  4. Just a minute...I need to wipe the drool off the computer! Seriously, my mouth is watering! This makes me not want that tuna and noodle casserole tonight...LOL! Everything looks wonderful!

  5. Delicious, I'm glad I;ve already eaten or I'd be craving steak.
    I do love your church photos, so keep them coming.


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