Friday, October 29, 2010

Civil War Quilt

Time for more reminiscing!

This is another quilt from my 'vault'!

(And I am including it in the Quilt Blogger's Festivall if I can work out the details!)

Photos taken on a beautiful Melbourne Spring day!

This quilt seemed to have everything......

Firstly, my favorite colors (at the time) of pink and green

with a lot of brown thrown in!

And favorite designs like....

Ohio Stars......


(even if it was blanket stitched!)

and Log Cabin.....

And beautiful custom quilting done by Karen in 2008!


 and swirls... 

A friend brought me back the pattern and some fabric from the United States about four years ago.

I think elements of it were based on a civil war quilt.

I hope to one day have a place where I can hang this and really show it off properly!

Have a happy day!


It's Magic!

has worked her magic!

This is my beautiful quilt!

I have been waiting for it for some time, but boy, was it worth it!

Karen calls it a "Chubby Star"- but I think it needs another name?

Any suggestions?

I haven't had time to get any more photos-

I off to New Zealand for a holiday in a few hours!

But head over to Karen's blog over the weekend and check it out more closely!

There is some amazing quilting in there!

And wait until you see the back!

Can you tell that I LOVE this quilt!

Have a happy day!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waiting, Waiting!

This quilt belongs to my son Daniel.

I started it for his 18th birthday but it wasn't quilted until he was nearly 20!

Oh well, all good things come to those who wait!

He is working overseas at the moment so I am looking after it for him.

 I loved making this quilt because it used a technique that didn't actually have you making the stars!

The pattern came from Threadbear in Castlemaine, Victoria.

You cut the rectangles and pieced triangles to each corner.

And then it was put together in rows.

It was quilted for me by Karen @ Quilts on Bastings back in 2005!

She is quilting something for me at the moment!

I can't wait to get it and show it to you!

So I am waiting too!

Have a happy day!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I don't usually get too personal in my blog posts but.....

Today is my 29th Wedding Anniversary!

Where did that time go?

This photo of Peter and I was taken back in July on our trip to Paris.

We were travelling alone so there were not many opportunities to get a photo together!

(We asked a stranger so we could get this one.)

Our time together has had it's fair share of ups and downs but, at the moment, life is good.

Nothing special planned to celebrate our day,  just going to spend the day together, and who knows- 

we might take some photos!

Have a happy day!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sew Scraps Along!

I'm playing along with Jodi at Pleasant-Home.

See my link over there on the right.....

We are trying to use our scraps to make a quilt.

I've chosen pink, green (surprise, surprise!), orange, red and black.

I started off following her directions!

But as I found scraps of fabric which I really loved, usually only one little piece hiding amongst the


 I added them, even if it didn't follow the rules.

I know I'm having fun!

Which is the purpose of putting this quilt together- no rules!

It is going to be bright but it does feel good clearing out all those scraps!

Be sure to come back and visit in a few days -

I hope to have the top completed!

Have a happy day!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Romantic Rings

We recently had some lovely Spring weather in Melbourne.

(Can you see the cherry blossom tree?)

So I took the opportunity to take photos of some of my older quilts.

Today I want to share another one I made some years back.

The pattern came from Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.

This one was completely hand pieced and hand quilted!

I 'fussy cut' the little rosebuds in the centre of the 'melon' shapes!

A longer shot of all the cross hatching quilting!

That's the city of Melbourne in the background!

It is about cot sized, so it earmarked for my first grandchild!

(Probably a girl's quilt, don't you think!)

But as both sons are not even engaged yet, I could be waiting awhile!

A close up of the backing and the binding.

I think, if I remember correctly, the backing was bought from Ikea!

Reminds me of Dandelions!

All folded and ready to go!

Have a happy day!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scrappy Pin Cushion Swap

I recently participated in another swap!

I really needed a new pincushion.

This is the one I received from Rachel in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA!

Some of my favorite colors- aqua and red, and a favorite design - spots!!

It came with two really cute pins!

And it is lovely and heavy, so it won't move about when I stick pins in, or more importantly, when I take 

them out!

The little one I had been using (above) is really cute; I bought it earlier in the year in Paris!

But it is really light and it moves about so much that it drops on the floor and I am forever losing it on the

floor !

It has great fabric with words on it.......

Make life FRESH.

Make life RELAXING.

Make life DELICIOUS.

Make life COLORFUL.


That just about sums it up, don't you think!

Have a happy day!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Scrappy Squares!

Hi everyone!

This is another of my 'old' quilts!

I pieced it back in 2003, in the hope of minimizing my stash.

Scrappy Squares

I loved making it even though my stash is no smaller!

I dare say it is probably LARGER!

So it's time to try to bust that stash apart again!

I am joining Jodi  @

Pleasant Home

as we Sew Scraps Along!

Oh, by the way, I have entered my Scrappy Squares Quilt into the Quilting Gallery

So you may wish to go over and vote!

The prize is more fabric..............

I certainly need MORE fabric!

Have a happy day!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vintage Stitching

I told you recently that I went to the Tyabb Antiques Packing House.

I bought this 'vintage' (read 'old') embroidery booklet there.

Some of the examples are really unusual.

I am looking forward to trying some out!

This one looks a little modern, on its denim background!

The original price was 1 shilling!

But a bargain today at $3.00

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap

I think I told you about the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap that I participated in on Flick'r?

My parcel arrived the other day!

My partner was Rebecca who is from New South Wales, here in Australia.

She sent the cutest 'mug rug' and a new mug!

The mug is very reminiscent of my trip to Paris.

Can you see the 'boulangerie' with it's pretty mauve door?

The back is almost too beautiful to hide!

Fabulous hats for the races?

She was very generous.

Becca also sent a lovely piece of fabric and some yummy coffee sachets!

I certainly was spoilt!

These swaps are great fun!

Have a happy day!


Thursday, October 7, 2010


Not much crafting done this week.

A work colleague and friend, Cathy, passed away at the weekend after a gallant battle with cancer.

Trying to be gentle with myself and not stress out about tasks not completed!

So thought I would share some photos I took recently.

 During the recent school holidays I visited the 

What a wonderful cross stitched sampler!

Can you see the lace on this one?

All wonderful pieces of memorabilia, but way out of my price range!

I did buy another pair of small embroidery scissors to add to my collection.

And a rather old embroidery booklet, with some stitches that are new to me.

But I will save them for another day!

Have a happy day!

And give your loved ones an extra hug, in remembrance of Cathy.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Candle Mat Swap

I am participating in the next Quilting Gallery Swap.

These are fairly easy swaps because a pattern is provided and the only decisions one has to make relate

to fabric and color choice, according to your partners preference.

I decided to try the pattern out and make a mat for my own.

There have been some subtle changes made.

Its being used as a placemat for the moment.

I added ric rac and a little orange yo-yo to the corner.

 I absolutely love how it turned out!

We will be receiving our partner's name in the next day or two.

Then the fun really begins!

Have a happy day!


Friday, October 1, 2010



Do you like them?

These are not from my garden, unfortunately-

I took these photos when I was out walking recently!

And the bad news is that Blogger is refusing to recognize my own photos!

I cannot work out any way of adding images to my blog posts!

(I'd saved these for a 'rainy' day, when I might need something as a bit of fill in!)

So I am not sure how or when I will resolve this problem!

Be back when normal programming resumes!
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