Sunday, May 19, 2024

Another Catch-Up!

 I thought you'd like to see what has been keeping me 

busy in the craft room these last few days.

 I finished my socks, started on a recent road trip.

I've begun hand quilting my "La Finestre" quilt, 

after machine quilting in the sashings.

And I've made two more "Small World" blocks,

to give a total of four.

I need another nine, I think.

And some partial blocks to fill in the gaps!

I'm contemplating a new name still, 

and wondering why the designer 

called it "Small World"?

Any thoughts?

Happy sewing!


Monday, May 6, 2024

Beginning and Finishing!

 Beginning my Tara Faughnan "Small World" quilt.....

This series of photographs gives you an idea 

of how the blocks are made.

They are foundation paper pieced,

but sewn on the edge of the paper, 

rather than through it.

Of course, it will need a new name, 

so if you have any suggestions 

I'd be very happy to hear them.

The finish involves getting the backing organised for 

my "La Finestre" quilt.

I had the perfect vintage sheet squirrelled away,

but it was slightly too long and too narrow.

I remembered seeing a method of widening fabric 

by cutting it diagonally, moving one piece up or down

to give extra width.

There are tutorials and equations online

but my old brain couldn't see how it would work.

So I went with my tried and true method- 

make a scale model.

I needed the backing to measure 70" by 65"

Because my sheet was 60" by 80" 

I scaled it down by 1:20 and cut a 

paper rectangle 3" by 4",

Ooops, my photo shows I moved the paper down.

made a diagonal cut and moved one piece up,

and cut off the corners.

It measured 3.5" by 3.25"- perfect!

When you multiply it by 20 it would translate 

to 70" by 65"

In this photo (below) you can see some of the diagonal 

join on the floral backing

While I was playing, I decided to sew a label into the 

corner, ready for me to add the quilt's details.

Once the quilt is basted I will start hand quilting it.

Happy sewing!


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

What was I thinking....

when I offered to consult on a commission quilt?

Yes, that's code for 'making the quilt myself'!

Ugh- old pyjama fabric, much of it some sort of worn, 

fine cotton,

With some t-shirt knit thrown in to induce more 

hair-tearing angst!

Have you ever thought about how long it takes to cut 

up PJs, 

iron it all, and cut up around the unusable pieces....

All before you could begin properly cutting and piecing?

Anyway, I won't continue b**ching, 

I'm just breathing a sigh of relief that 

it's finished and ready to be delivered or 

sent to the client.

At least the backing is pretty!

I'm wondering how they will feel when I tell them I've 

spent about 100 (Australian) dollars

on the plain solid fabric, backing fabric, binding fabric, 

thread, batting and fabric spray.

I am reminding myself I'm being paid for this,

but when I do the final calculation 

on the time spent on it, not including the electricity and

 'wear and tear of the machine and my body,

I will yet again say....

"What was I thinking?"

Back to "Happy sewing" now.....

PA PJ quilt
Quilt #3 for 2024
Lifetime Quilt #155
48" by 56"


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