Monday, December 23, 2019

Trixie Zip Pouches

I really should finish this quilt. 

but I am not ready to commit all that time into 

basting, quilting and binding in the lead up to 


So I decided I wanted to make some 

Trixie Zipper Pouches.

pattern available here, if you want to make one or 

two or twenty of your own!

This fabric was gifted to me. It is gorgeous!

It takes more time to choose fabric, trim and quilt 

the fabric than it does to construct them.

The last one took me a little over an hour to make!

And that's doing some final hand stitching inside 

rather than forcing ten+ layers of fabric 

through the machine and risking all sorts of mishaps!

I stopped, for the moment, at four!

Mr PnP went for a little road trip as soon as work 


The silos north of Benalla had been on my 'must-see' 

list for some time.

This beautiful painting (below) is in a church.

 in the town of Goorambat.

This one dedicated to those who have fought in wars.

And this one in honour of GJ Coles, the founder of 

Coles stores here in Australia.

And this Christmas tree is tucked away in an alley in 


And one last thing...

a couple of Christmas decorations made using a free 
tutorial from here!

They are by Amy at NanaCompany!

(thanks Debbie for pointing out the wrong link- all fixed now!)

I hope to be back with that one quilt finish before 
2019 is over.
Until then, Happy Christmas from my house to yours.


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Finding time...

in a busy schedule to craft! 

"Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say. It may also ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging."

                 So I'm trying to find the time to...

sew and knit for Barbie,

 knit socks!

make a little bag for gift giving.

I won an Instagram giveaway for this sweet pin.. 

and I'm making plans for this cute puppy fabric.

The Liberty book was the only sewing book on offer 

in the raffle at our Christmas luncheon!

So, of course, I snapped it up!

Happy days!


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Good Victory...

is the name of my latest quilt finish,

my 14th quilt for 2019!

This is the second time I have made a scrappy quilt 

with this 'pattern'....

I really like how the navy blue works with the white 

and all my scraps!

As usual, I've kept the quilting simple...

with just some straight lines through all the white 


Why is it called "Good Victory", I hear you ask?

My friend's name is Eunice, 

and it means Good Victory!

Dimensions: 54" X 68"
Quilt finish # 14 for 2019
#118 all-time quilt
Scrappy sandwiches quilt

Happy sewing!


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Time Flies....

when you are having fun!

Well, it certainly goes quickly when you are busy!

And I have been very busy with my day job, 

so there's not a lot of time left for sewing!

But I am making Barbie a new wardrobe....

First up, a summer frock...

then a pair of smart trousers. 

I searched out some free knitwear pattern on 

YouTube and used a skein 

of sock yarn that was languishing in my stash!

And before I knew it she had a matching skirt!

Now that I have a recipient chosen for this quilt, it's 

being basted soon!

 I picked up an awesome fabric for backing at Darn 

Cheap for $9 a metre!

I'm proud of the (almost) invisible join!

And finally, I quilted up that mini for a sewing 

machine cover.

I hope to be back soon with another quilt finish!

Happy sewing!


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Catching up!

 My Quatro Colour blocks are multiplying......

 This group of nine makes 34 in total!

These blocks are labour intensive....

Lots of trimming and pressing!

The scraps from each corner have been pieced into 

this mini....

which I am intending to make into a cover for my 


A friend gave me this beautiful fabric ....

so I am making a matching top with these lovely 


And here is my grandson Aston....

just because!

Happy days!


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Slowing down...

After a flurry of quilt finishes,

I decided I needed a 'slow sewing' project.

For me, English Paper Piecing is ideal!

 While it will take some time to make enough blocks 

for a good-sized quilt,

this project is portable and fun to make!

My first set is all fussy cut...

from my 'kerchief girls' and Heather Ross stash!

This is the Quatro Colour quilt by Sue Daley....

there are plenty of beautiful quilts on Instagram for 


Happy sewing!

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