Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Returning to some favourites...

Well, favourite colours that is!

It seems I am drawn to this colour palette...

Bricolage - a sampler made to my own 

design back in 2012

and "Sanctuary" 

 made for a friend in 2018

And of course my latest woollen projects

Viridian jumper just finished

Yarn waiting for a pattern

now this....

 It is only 30" by 48", at this stage.

so I'll need to go back to block building!

And then to decide if I want to use this layout of go 

for something more 'radical'!

Then it would certainly be a "Wild Goose Chase"!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, May 12, 2019

"Free Wheelin"

is my sixth finish for the year!

It is a scaled-down version of the Meadowland quilt.

I added a thin sashing to change it up some more.

             It's not a big quilt- about 52" square.

I quilted it in a variety of wavy lines 

both from my machine's stitching options and some 

free motion ones.

It's now looking for a new home!

This is quilt #106 on my all-time list!

Happy sewing!


Wednesday, May 1, 2019


I really did intend to quilt one last WIP before I 

started something new....

Only some of these made the final 'cut'!

But I was laid low with a head cold and couldn't face

the basting part! 

So cutting and piecing my Outback Wife stash was a 

much easier option!

This is just a rough layout, while I worked out how 

to fill in the gaps.

While I was piecing this together
, I discovered I had miscounted my blocks, so the full reveal of a quilt top will have to wait a little longer.

And in some exciting news, I got my first quilt commission today!



Saturday, April 20, 2019

On a roll...

to get projects started and finished!

I promised my sister a Bento Bag, so I got busy and 

made this one!

I wanted to try my hand at another fabric 


          And my daughter-in-law requested some new                                
                                  burp cloths....

Finally, I hand quilted and bound my Summer 

Insects project,

in progress.....

 started back in December!

Very appropriate on a 30°C day in April! 

 Can you believe I only have ONE, yes ONE project 

on my WIPs list?

I need to remedy that soon!


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Snug as a bug...

is finished!

This project was started back at the beginning of 

My daughter-in-law bought the yarn back from New York.

It was all different ply and that was the first difficulty!

Jenny kindly offered to knit some squares but her tension was different to mine too!

I ended up having to re-knit a number of squares.... 

I wish I had made them all with a garter stitch border, to give them more stability and uniformity!

I backed it with some aqua double gauze.
which gives it a very soft and cuddly feel!

But it is finished now, in time for our first cold snap of the year.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Happy days,


Liberty and Kantha

I have a reasonably large stash of Liberty fabrics.

So when I saw a Liberty + Kantha stitch-along happening on Instagram, the idea really appealed to me.

I cut two and a half inch squares and pieced two panels to make a 241 tote bag from Noodlehead.

I backed each piece with some fusible batting and started stitching.

It was the perfect holiday project, in the car and in the sunshine!

I prepared the side and pocket panels before I went on holiday.

The glorious sun shining through really inspired me!

I was excited to return home and piece the bag together....

And before I knew it, it was finished!

It turned out just as I imagined!

Happy days!


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Midnight Square Dance

....is the name of my latest finish!

(I changed it slightly because I found a pattern name by its 

original working title!)

Straight line quilting in a grid formation

Here are some close-ups I shared on IG....

I added some hand quilting to the white stars

I have had this quilt finished for a while now,

but wanted to get some 'glamour' shots while I was on

holiday in north-east Victoria.

Bright is always beautiful during Autumn....

and I did have my trusty quilt holder with me!

 While we were away, I visited a friend who had found this 

great backdrop for me.....

so we couldn't resist a couple more photos!

 This is the old Wandiligong cool store....

No plans for a Grand Designs renovation here, I'm afraid!

I am giving this to a dear friend soon.

Lifetime Quilt number 105

5th quilt finish for 2019

Happy sewing!

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