Saturday, August 27, 2016

On my design floor...

The last of the words from my Spelling Bee buddies 

arrived this week.

So I was able to get these out on my design floor 


I am going to put some 'picture' blocks in amongst 

the words...

My mind wasn't quite focused on things while I was 

making this one!

Ah, that's better!

This one features some of my favourite places....

and this is where I got to....

with plans to paper piece a suitcase block 

(places we've been)

applique a bike block

(memories made).....

and maybe one or two other blocks?

I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions?

Happy sewing!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Whimsy- another cushion!

I make lots of cushions....

 And lots of quilts!

(77 at last count!)

But I often wish I had a cushion to match the quilt 

currently gracing my bed!

I remedied that this weekend

and made a cushion to match my "On A Whim" quilt!

While not a perfect match,

it is still pretty and fun!

My friend Marg was throwing out  re-homing some 

fabrics when I visited her recently,

so I offered to help her out with this print!

I quilted it with some simple straight lines

And the candy stripe pink binding matches the quilt, 

at least!

Finished size - 20" square!

I better get a move on, 

I have a few quilts that require a matching cushion!

Happy sewing!


Friday, August 19, 2016

Starts and finishes....

Maybe it's Spring that has me thinking of starting 

something new,

like this cushion...

Or maybe this pattern?

Or finishing this Spring-like window view...

(my 3rd finish for the F-A-L,

original list here)

which is appropriately called

 "Window on the World"...

which travelled all the way round the world!

 I've finished my Chuck blocks for August...

these are the latest to join the party!

I want to finish off today thanking my core of faithful 


With the rise of IG and the apparent demise of the 


your constant support and regular comments make 

my day...

Thank you Julie and Suz in New Zealand, 
Elizabeth and Di in California,  
Sandra in Germany, 
Carla in Canada, 
Julie in Japan, 
Barb and Anne in 'somewhere USA',
Carla in Western Australia, 
and Lynda, Kirsty, Karen and Rachael in the sunny north!

and all my other followers who I know read along,
some blossoms for you. 

Happy days!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Making the Australian Quilt"

is an exhibition on at the National Gallery of Victoria 

at the moment.

This is just a small sample of my favourites....

This is one made of hexagons about one centimetre 


tiny, tiny pieces, even tinier stitches!

Love the border of this log cabin...

How modern is this one?

and this pretty one!

 Bright stars with black!

And this half-rectangle low-volume one, 

with red stitching, hand done, of course.

So much inspiration, 

I may have to go back again!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Progress is....


When there are distractions like this....

and helping my other son buy his first home,

any progress is to be celebrated!

The front,

My "Milky Way" jumper is finished...

And the back.

 I am a new convert to blocking....

you can read more about it here

so I think I will do that before I wear it.

This is my second finish from my F-A-L list ...

Original list here

And I managed some time at the sewing machine 

on the weekend...

making my "Spelling Bee" block for Mary

and two Chuck blocks....

for August!

Progress is being made!

Happy days indeed!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Looking Forward.....

to making August's Chuck Nohara blocks,

Mary's sample

 my Spelling Bee block for Mary,

and Four-in-Art mini,

with the theme of 

"I've got the blues"

which has me dreaming of this....

and of finishing this!

I'm guessing there is plenty of winter still left to get 

some wear from it!

Happy days!


Monday, August 1, 2016

Purple Passion

- the theme for August's Four-In-Art reveal.

I don't shy away from purple...

this is one of my calendar minis I made from some 

polaroid blocks back in 2014.

 My passion, of course is patchwork so that was 

where I started.

See that green and red heart up there?
While doing a clean up at the time,

 I came across an old patchwork book (above) and 

the inside cover caught my eye!

So I sketched, planned and raided my stash of 

purple fabrics!

I have included all the fabrics and quilt 


I'm passionate about!

Bear's Paw and Dresden Plate,

Tula Pink and spots.

I played around with its placement on the hombre 


I love how the basic block turned out,

in the shape of a heart,

and tentatively began quilting it.

I purchased some silk thread at 

the Quilt and Craft Fair, 

hoping things would go to plan!

(In fact, I rarely have a plan.)

I decided it needed some hand quilting...

Isn't everything better with hand quilting?

So now it's finished!

I do feel passionate about it!

Thanks for a great theme, Betty!

A horrid winter's day photo

Please stop by the rest of the group and 

see their interpretation of this fabulous theme.








Happy sewing!


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