Friday, September 25, 2020

Snow in September!

 Yes, it is supoosed to be Spring but various places in 

country Victoria have experienced snowfalls today!

Ballarat, Ballan and Daylesford- taken from Instagram

So it seems appropriate that I work on my 

Snowflake Quilt.

I don't think I shared any of my plans here....

I am making this as a commission for a friend.

I've had to modify the pattern somewhat,

as the recipient required the snowflake to have all

eight dentrites.

So I began collecting and buying more blue solids 

cutting the gazillion squares

and making and trimming half square triangles!

An new blade sure helped!

To help with the gradient of colour I started at the centre....

and worked my way out getting darker to the edges.

Now all that's left to do is join all the blocks together..

And with more cold and wet weather forecast, and 

lockdown continuing,

I guess I will stay home and sew!

Happy days!


PS Blogger doesn't play nice anymore- fonts size, centre alignment, uploading one photo at a time- they all do their own thing! I used to be able to write and publish a blogpost in 30 minutes! Not any more!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


I've had problems with moths and silverfish,

nibbling at my "out-of-season" clothes!

and I certainly didn't want the smell of mothballs 

permeating them!

So I followed a recipe I found here

And I ordered some lavender and lemon balm online

to make some little fabric sachet bags!

and set them to work!

 On a completely different note, I wanted to check the 

length of my Whittaker pinafore,

So got my lipstick on and coerced Mr PnP to take 

some photos!

And I am happy to say the length is perfect!

Finally I found another fabulous free tutorial here 


after seeing lots of them on Instagram!

It's a mini maker station for the arm of my couch!

I love how it keeps everything together!

The perfect place for all my English Paper Piecing 


And I am pretty sure my Quattro Colour is going to be 

finished soon!

Happy sewing, and stay strong friends!

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