Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Doily Bags

 I gave you a sneak peek of this project recently...

But forgot to show you the finished product!

As well as making a doily quilt, 

I had some larger, more special ones that needed 

showcasing more!

This one has been claimed by my sister...

So a second one was planned... 

and made!

The back, 

and the inside with a pocket which is hard to see!

I want to make some more with these...

so I am considering other sayings:

"Happiness is...Op Shopping"

"Get Your Sparkle On"

"Treat Yourself"

"Make a Difference"

"Reward Yourself"

Do you prefer any of these over others?

Or do you have any suggestions for me?


Happy sewing,


Sunday, June 26, 2022

Do you have a quilting style?

 I definitely think Rachaeldaisy does.....

I was privileged to attend a truck show by Rachael 


Here is a sample of just some of the quilts she shared...

Apart from this one, an earlier one....

I think Rachael's style is definitely hers....

distinctive and recognisable for its colour and vibrancy!

Maybe that's because she is a designer in the true 

sense of the word.

Me, I'm an imitator, making others designs my own with 

my fabric choices.

But I'm good with that!

You know what they say about imitation being the 

highest form of flattery.

I get joy from the making and the giving of quilts, not 

designing them.

I'd really like to have a go at these Pine Burr blocks.

My friend Deb bought the pattern and I had a quick 


And Nifty Quilts has a tutorial of the round version here 

I certainly won't be making one like this...

Although Rachael jokingly said there were only none 

blocks to make....

not counting all the others smaller blocks needed to 

make it!

Do you think you have a quilting style, recognisable as 


I can think of another few bloggers that do!

Happy days!


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Ditsy Doileys

 I have been collecting embroidered doilies for some 

time now,

sourcing them mainly from op shops around the state 

and even in Tasmania on a trip there last year.

I was also gathering vintage fabric and ditsy prints to 

use in my quilt making.

I had to steel myself cutting into the first couple of 


but once the pretty patches started to grow, it became 


I had to make some of them square with low volume fabrics....

Then I bordered them with the floral fabrics to make 

them 8" (finished) square.

I felt their pretty designs needed some breathing space, 

so cut 1 1/2" white and cream strips to border them 


Then I felt they were a bit 'white' so introduced some 

beige and browner tones.....

I'll continue to cut and piece and border, until I have 49 

blocks in total, to give a quilt which will finish at 70" 


And when a doily is too big or too lovely to cut up....

I'm working on another project!

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, June 7, 2022


While I spend some of my days sewing,

my nights are often spent knitting, especially as the 

days grow cooler 


and the nights grow longer.


I have long wanted to knit socks!

 And tried many times…..and failed!


But I guess it was just about finding the easiest pattern 

for the old brain to follow!


For someone who made garments for more than forty 

years by sewing the pieces together,


there’s something pretty magical about creating a 

3D sock…..

                            With its heel flap, short rows and kitchener stitch!

My first effort with this pattern, Rose City Rollers by 

Mara Brynner on Ravelry,


was too big because I couldn’t find my small 2.25mm, 

toothpick-like needles!

It isn't actually pointy!

I used 3mm needles and a yarn that maybe a 5ply?

Anyway, they are a little big but perfect for lounging 


around on the couch in Winter.


The second pair, right size needle, right size yarn are 

much better.

I changed up the cuff which is not perfect but for me it's 

a learning experience.


Now I want to make more, in different designs and 

fabulous colours.... 


Just wish I could knit quicker!

But in the meantime, I'm hand piecing these bits for my 

Hearts Garden quilt......

Happy knitting!


Go-Es-Car-Go...a finish!

This quilt top has been together for over a month now....

So I decided to bite the bullet and get quilting.


Basting didn’t take long,


but the quilting certainly did!


If I ever consider quilting swirls again,


I need someone to take my sewing machine away until 

I have come to my senses.


I used almost an entire spool of Aurifil thread,


and I lost count of how many bobbins I wound!


I wonder whether the swirls contributed to the bouts of 

vertigo I experienced during this time! 

To say I am glad it is finished is an 

It finishes at about 58” square, and my second quilt for 


I finished it with black and white stripe binding.

I couldn't resist taking this photo.....

snails do 'go slow' after all!

In retrospect, that would have made a good name for this quilt!

Thankfully the rain stopped and we had a chance to get 

some decent photos.....

because this was the sky as we went for a walk earlier 

in the day!


Lifetime Quilt #143

Happy sewing!



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