Friday, November 29, 2013

November's + and x Friendship Blocks

Our second month has come to an end!

And my lovely blocks arrived from 

Carla earlier in the week…

Here they are all together!

Aren't they pretty?

Carla has some wild fabrics in her stash!

And here are the blocks I sent her...

much more sedate,

don't ya think?

For December we are playing with 

our reds, pinks and greens!

Very Christmassy!

(ooops! I just read Carla's post-

I let the cat out of the bag!

Shhh.....don't tell on me!)
Happy sewing…


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some randomness....

Still not much sewing...

except this bee block for Rene!

I found this "S" in a library book I borrowed...

How appropriate!

I did visit the Spring Hill Peony Farm on Saturday....

Is it a 'selfie' if someone else takes the photo?


With a visit to The Crafty Squirrel on the way home!

Lots of prettiness to look at!

And my sister shared this with me this week...

We all need a puppy like this in our life!



Sunday, November 17, 2013

Testing Times...

Yes, it's that time for all teachers 

in the Southern Hemisphere....

corrections, report writing,

prize nights and transition meetings!

Sewing time has been rather infrequent...

but when I saw on FB 

there was a free Kindle download to be had...
I could't resist!

I had the ideal fabric,

sent by my + and X friend, Carla...

with a perfect name!

It's not that I needed another pincushion!

But the little thread catcher was perfect 

for 'couch surfing sewing'!

I definitely need a place for my loose threads!

It might just save some vacuum time...

which should make Mr PnP happy too!

Happy sewing!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Ah, that's where my MOJO was.....

Right here.....

Sweet Clare had it all the time!

But she kindly sent it back to me....

even though the newspaper is French!

all the way from England!

And look what she did with it....

If you follow that link (above) you will see 

she gave lots of hints about this beauty!

I love everything about it...

the colours, the vintage fabric, the stitching, 

that amazing eight-pointed star!

and the little extras she added!

As I said on IG....

"It's not even my birthday!"

Thank you Clare....

you are a very special soul!

Happy days!


Saturday, November 9, 2013



Making x and + Friendship blocks...

Matching a dress pattern to the bunny fabric!

('s a Japanese Miroto fabric!)

Matching kitchen utensils to fabric for Helen!

(that's an Amy Butler...)

Playing with solids....

And getting my City Skyline top together!

I think I might have my mojo back!

What have you been flitting between?

I'd love to know!

Happy sewing!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cherry Ripe....

Does everyone know the delights of a Cherry Ripe?

That's what I have named my latest finish!

I had a little 'nibble'...

JUST to show you the yummy choc/cherry centre!

The back is definitely 'chocolatey'!

You can see the quilting a little bit 

better from the back!

I am donating this to the Children's Hospital, 

via the Victorian Quilters Inc

"Quilts of Love" project....

I hope it makes a young girl happy,

and think of chocolate!

(This is another finish off my F-A-L 4th quarter list!)

Happy Days,


Saturday, November 2, 2013

In the pink....

I recently finished a scaled down version of the 

"Patchwork Please" market bag 

for a friend's little girl....

who obviously loves pink!

I included a sweet cross stitched apple button....

which I had been saving for a special project!

And a Juicy Fruit Churn Dash block...

for Carla!

Happy days!

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