Saturday, November 3, 2018

I'm home!

I had a wonderful holiday...

Besides seeing some amazing natural sights,

thread and fabric displays popped up in a number of 

unexpected places...

Firstly this exhibition in Waitangi-

beautiful cross stitching and even some patchwork blocks. 

 Then I spied this vintage quilt in an antique shop...

I thought it was a bargain at $30, but decided I have 

enough projects of my own, let alone taking on someone 


I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow quilter in a holiday 

park in Napier...

and I'm guessing this was her quilt I saw on the line when 

we left the next morning!

I also stumbled across a little quilt show by the 

Taranaki Quilters...

I loved seeing the variety of quilts and talent of 

these modern quilters!

There was this cool bike in the street in New 


And finally, I spied these quilts (on the left) in a window in 


Stitching and threads are all around us, 

you just have to keep a lookout!

I hope to be back with a small finish soon!

Happy days indeed!


Sunday, October 7, 2018

What to take...

on a road trip that involves some flying too?

Mr PnP and I are off to New Zealand for 3+ weeks 


Now that the cabled jacket is complete...

I've returned to my embroidery...

Don't ask me what those black dots are?

a hoop I've been working on for months...

front ...

and a better idea of the colours from the back.

Now, where did I put that pattern?

I'm thinking I might take this drawing 

Anna Maria Horner did for me back in June?

I'll make it into a bag of some sort when I get 


using these fabrics. 

And maybe I'll take one of these cute panels, 

I picked up this week!

 adding some back and satin stitch and French knots 

here and there.

See you in November!

Happy days....


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Clothes Sewing

I've recently shared some clothes I have been 


Today I wanted to show how they look when I'm 

wearing them.....

 This was a selfie I set up in my office at work, using 

the timer on my camera.

                     I love how this turned out! 

Even if Mr PnP says it 

looks like a patchwork quilt!

I guess that's own of the reasons I loved the fabric

in the first place!

There's nothing that says 'old lady' more than 

chubby elbows!

Yes, I know the shoes are not right but I've also 

decided this one is too long!

 So I have since cut off at least 2 inches from the 

hem and it looks way better!

And look....

I found the perfect sandal too!

Finally, I recently helped my sister make her own

Lacey dress....

This was also made from the Stylearc pattern.

Didn't she do an awesome job?

There was even enough fabric leftover for a top...

from the same pattern, no less!

It has side splits and a spotted watermelon binding 

on the neck.

I have created a separate page for my clothes 


if you are interested.

(Patterns are by Vogue and Stylearc)

Happy days!


Saturday, September 29, 2018

No Grand Illusions!

I'm calling my latest finish "No Grand Illusions'!

It is the 'Hidden Agenda' quilt pattern I tested for 

Angela recently.

I had fun quilting these swirls!

Since I have been making my own basting spray,

using this recipe,

the actual process goes very 'smoothly'!

There are some hearts quilted here!

The spray is probably not as economical as the 

commercial brands, but boy, does it stick!

Can you tell I love this print?

Now FMQ is the final fear I need to conquer!

This little section does make me happy though....

I also had fun photographing this quilt too,

finding pretty spots in my sister's home.

For an extra fast finish, I also machine stitched the 


#97 lifetime quilt 

#9 for 2018

I've now finished more quilts this year than I did last 


with another three planned.

Quilt finishes at 56" by 72" 

The back.

All Cotton and Steel fabric.

Happy sewing!


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Another catch-up!

I put together this quilt last week.....

Lots of big prints and low volume sashing!

And I finished this dress this morning! 

"Easy Vogue v9327"

The front...

 and the back!

Now it is school holidays, I am aiming to get at least 

one quilt quilted.....

with this one being basted today!

Happy sewing!


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