Friday, January 29, 2021

My process!

 With only two WIP's waiting in the wings to be 


it was time to start something new!

I have had the "Bessie Creek Rd." by Emma 

@Treehouse Textiles for a few months now!

Available here

I seem to be drawn to 6" blocks, made from my 

favourite rainbow palette!

I think I was drawn to the medallion style of this one!

While I love the spiral-bound booklet (above),

I made my own version where the line drawings, 

templates and coloured photos were all together.

I generally do not need the construction diagrams...

I'll start prepping these tomorrow!

Not all blocks are machine pieced, but as I am busy

 in the evenings with my knitting, I started with those.

12 Hour Glass blocks...

8 Cross blocks...

And today I completed 16 Mitred Square blocks

I did follow the instructions on how to piece this one,

for the sake of accuracy....

Now to cut 216 two and a half-inch squares for the 

Nine Patch blocks!

I'll try to keep you updated as I make progress with 

this one!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, January 24, 2021


 It seems I have forgotten to share a couple of quilts...

I finished "Pampered Pooches" a couple of weeks ago,

quilted with an all-over stipple!

Secondly, I finished this flimsy/top between Christmas 

and New Year, I think?

I'm not sure if there is a top or a bottom...

I'm thinking it is more balanced this way.

I need to source some backing and contemplate a 

quilting design.

After my recent Snowflake finish, I'm rather prepared 

to tackle this one...

It measures about 56" by 64"!

"Pampered Pooches"

Quilt #1 for 2021

Lifetime quilt #130

Happy sewing!


Monday, January 18, 2021

Snowflake Swirl

 is the name of my latest, and possibly my greatest 


Why my greatest, I hear you say?

This is the biggest quilt I have ever machine quilted 


It is nearly 80", or 200cm square,

And it took me nearly a fortnight to quilt it!

My trusty Juki in action

I did no other sewing during this time.

The swirls seemed like a good idea at the beginning,

and, boy, I got pretty good at them by the time I'd 


I did some straight line quilting in the white section too. 

I lost count of how many bobbins I wound, 

Or how many different reels of thread I used!

It is by no means perfect, but I can live with 

the imperfections.

I hope the buyer can!

Yes, this is a commission quilt, one I committed to 

some time ago!

The original Snowflake pattern is made from an 


 snowflake, but the buyer wanted all eight dendrites!

So that took extra calculations and fabric of course!

Maybe I should make one in black and white?

                           No, maybe not!

Quilt #2 for 2021

Lifetime quilt 131

80" by 84"

Happy sewing-


Saturday, January 2, 2021

Wish Upon A Star

 .....that is the name I have given to my latest

 and last finish for 2020.

I finished it last Monday, 

making it quilt #10 for last year.

I couldn't get any decent photos of it until my sister 

kindly obliged with some 'quilt holding' duties 


We were thrilled to find such great backdrops to use in 

the background.

I quilted it in a simple straight line pattern echoing the 

squares of the design.

The backing is a sweet baby print in similar colour 


This baby quilt will be gifted to a friend in the 

near future, once the little one has arrived.

Lifetime quilt #129

Quilt #10 for 2020

Dimensions- 40" square

Happy sewing!


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