Sunday, September 12, 2021

Time to get quilting!

 I finished up "Cloverly" a month ago!

My LQS was having a fabric sale and as I am within five 


I was able to 'click and collect' this fabric for a backing!

Not wanting to purchase more than was absolutely 


I added some rectangles pieces to bring it up to size.

But in the meantime I had decided to make another 

scrap/stash quilt.

This is a free pattern/tutorial by 

Emily Dennis of Quilty Love.

It is available here:

It is called Scrap Stash Plus quilt- just perfect I thought!

I started pulling out some fabrics, being drawn to 

pastels for Spring!

It took no time at all to come together.

This one finishes at about 48 inches square.

So today I used up the last of my batting roll, 

purchased at the beginning of the year, I think to get 

these basted!

It will be great to get both these quilted and finished!

Then I intend to rummage through my dressmaking 

fabric and make something new for Spring/Summer.

By then we may be out of lockdown!

Happy days,


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Collective nouns....

 You know.... a flock of birds, a litter of puppies!

We've all made masks over the last eighteen months.

I called mine "a countenance of masks"!

Some recently made masks

And I think these should be called "a comfort of quilts"!

And this week I finished another cushion, to join others 

I have made-

Don't you think these should be called 

"A plump of cushions"?

I decided to make it to match my

 "Blossoming Buds" quilt...

which you can see in the background of these photos.

I love the back too, with its spots and navy edging.

Do you have a favourite collective noun?

Happy days,


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Betwixt and Between

From calculations, I have completed 8 quilts this year, 

with "Cloverly" waiting patiently for a backing, 

once I can go shopping again.

So I didn't want to start another quilt....yet!

So I got to and cut out the octagonal pieces for the 

Annie cushion I shared last time.

I decided to use my healthy stash of Heather Ross 

fabrics, choosing 36 in total.

The pattern calls for a 7 by 7 arrangement or a total of 

49 octagons,

but I did not want a cushion that large......

I had a pillow form ready and waiting.

I enjoyed many lockdown hours hand stitching this 


enjoying the neatness of the back as much as the front.

Once it was together I added a border, mainly to

   stabilise all the bias edges.

I hand quilted it with a Perle thread in off white

and bound with a pretty turquoise stripe.

It matches my Port Fairy Tales quilt made last year.

It finishes at about 46cm or 18"

I guess it's time to think about my next quilt.

What should I make?

Happy sewing!


Thursday, August 12, 2021

A bit of this....

 a bit of that....!

The pandemic roller coaster continues here...

no sooner are we out of one lockdown, 

A view from my morning walk

enjoying the freedom of meeting up - outside - with 

friends, or coffee catch-ups,

than we are again, confined to our homes with only the 

five essential reasons to leave!

So what is one to do but craft.....?

I finished this jumper last weekend, then 'wet blocked' 

it, and am so pleased with how it turned out!

I decided it was time to start another quilt and loved 

how these fabrics played together!

Kirsty at Bonjour Quilts designed this pattern, which she 

calls Scrappy Posie, available free on her blog.

Unfortunately I don't have any fabric in my stash for 

backing at this stage.

I'll have to wait until lockdown finishes to solve that 


Finally, I made some little (about 3") pyramid shaped 

lavender pouches!

They are cleverly made with two squares of fabric from 

a tutorial at Patchwork Posse.

I'm planning on starting this cushion next...

Stay safe everyone...

I can't wait til I get my second jab next week!


Friday, July 30, 2021

Hooley Dooley!

 This quilt seemed to name itself......

While I was working on it, I thought of this fun 'play-on' 

words, and it stuck!

The backing was lurking in the back of the fabric cupboard

I spent some of my recent fourteen day quarantine 

making this quilt.

I think it took me three weeks from start to finish.

Today I was released from 14 days quarantine....

and with the promise of a sunny morning,

 I set off for a short drive to take some photos!

Boy, it felt good to be out!

The bush setting was perfect, I think!

And a little water....

As I was heading home, I saw a pretty children's 


and took a couple of photos there!

I love finding great backdrops, especially when I don't 

have an agreeable quilt holder around!

Quilt #8 for 2021

Quilt size 47" square

Lifetime Quilt #137

Happy days!


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Deco Delta

is the name of my latest quilt finish! 

The weather has been cold, wet and windy the last few 


Couple that with our lockdown means indoor photos will 

have to suffice today.

I decided to hang it above my bed to get a feel for it 

hanging as an art quilt.

I quilted a few sparse straight lines, 

and finished it with some Perle hand quilting in some of 

the blue/green shapes.

I also decided I wanted a clean look to the front so used 

a facing to bind it. 

The quilt finishes at 50" by 45"

This is quilt #7 for 2021.

Now it is looking for a new home!

Happy sewing,


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