Sunday, April 29, 2018

Lost your Mojo?

It happens to us all...

We find ourselves with a sewing window, and don't 

know what we want to work on?

While I knew I should begin quilting one of the three 

flimsies have waiting, 

"Stepping out with Alice"

"Shadows of Love"

"Tiger Tales"

I wasn't sure I had the enthusiasm to baste anything 


I started thinking about how I might fill the day?

I've made a list of 

"Things to do in the sewing room when you are not 

sure what you want to do!"

1. Clean your sewing machine

2. Clean your cutting table

3. Change the blades in your rotary cutters

4. Join batting scraps to make a useable piece....

Don't forget to measure and label it!

I did this one first, then another too, for my "Tiger 

Tales", so it's ready to go!

5. Make (scrappy) binding

6. Make labels for all those 'quilts in waiting'

7. Make a pieced backing from stash fabric....

which I also did!

It is for a black and white quilt I'll eventually make 

with these...

when I find the perfect pattern, of course!

8. Cut scraps into useable shapes, example 

Dresden Plates or Hexies...

then sell them online!

I did that too!

What do you do when your sewing mojo disappears?

I'd love to know!


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Some progress...

if a little slow!

I love making these Dresden Plate blocks....

and the numbers are growing.

To vary things up, I have made some with just two 

different fabrics...

a little less scrappy, but fun nevertheless!

This is how the scrappy ones are looking...

on their patched backgrounds.

I'm looking forward to some more sewing time on 

the weekend.

Linking up with Sew, Stitch, Snap, Share

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Roadtrip

Mr PnP and I just returned from a little 

Easter/Autumn road trip!

Firstly, the Marimekko exhibition in Bendigo...

a beautiful art show in Castlemaine...

The Silo Art Trail has long been on my 'must-do' list!

 What an achievement!

And it's bringing some much-needed tourism back to 

country Victoria.

We then spent three glorious days in Glenelg....

walking the Esplanade each morning!

And along the Torrens river too...

Finally, we did some cycling in the Clare Valley...

with some wine tasting in between!

There was one last silo in Coonalpyn, South 


For more information go here, or here.

I did sew while being a passenger or in the 


and have six of these appliqued to the background 


And of course, it's important to have a little souvenir 

for my own future quilt....

I'd never seen "Frou Frou" fabrics in real life before!

I'm itching to get back in my sewing room,

with plenty of ideas brewing!

Happy days!

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