Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A window on my world....

My husband and I had a weekend in the city...

It was so cold, even the stair railings were trying to 

stay warm!

I love this bridge, with its view over the city...

it would make a cool quilting pattern!

I did manage to finish my last Chuck block for May... 


And May's blocks all together.....

And our plans for June!

For the last year, I have been part of a round robin 

swap over on Flick'r

where a starter block was added to by five other girls

Mine is the flower in the top left corner.

It then went to Ethene, Jan and Lynz, in the UK

then Dee in the US and Leanne in Canada, 

who finished it off perfectly with pink 'curtains'. 

I'm going to hand quilt it into a mini wall quilt 

and call it "Window On The World".

Happy days!


Sunday, May 22, 2016

More random bits....

 Chuck Nohara blocks for May!

My knitting is progressing well...

In fact I have cast off and am now on the back!

A block from a baby quilt I'm making....

Aren't those foxes cute?

 I'm May's Queen Bee in the Spelling Bee I'm in...

Thanks Mary!

These will be part of word quilt.

Stay tuned for more as they arrive,

to see the full saying I am making.

And a sweet piece of gauze that just needed

hemming, perfect for a baby wrap.

Yes, a typical week in the life of a crafter with ADHD!

Happy days!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Glitter Again...

These blocks have been on the back burner for a 


So I decided they needed some loving!

I enlarged the original pattern to make it a

13" X 5.5" block.

I do enjoy the construction of them...

a nine patch first, as seen here across the 


Then the corner pieces, which involves a little 


Is that a 'y' seam or a partial one?

I'm never sure ...

And here they are, all together.

I'll leave you with this 'sneak peek' of a quilt I've 

just picked up from Karen,

my wonderful long armer.

More will be revealed in July!

Happy sewing! 


Sunday, May 8, 2016


Boy, this was a fun and fast finish...

from scraps to quilt in five days!

   My friend Deb gave me some "Belle" Amy Butler 

scraps and I couldn't wait to get sewing!

 HSTs first, then strips on two sides.

Subconsciously I must have remembered admiring a 

Yesterday I had a 'flimsy',

and today I stipple quilted it. 

I had a piece of flannelette in my stash, 

"Playful Penguins" from Wilmington Fabrics

for the backing...

which is no longer available,

so I wish I had some more!

I used more of that lovely orange binding from my 

stash too!

It is not a large quilt,

just 32" by 40"....

but it sure is pretty!

As if that wasn't enough prettiness in my day....

I received not one, but two bunches of flowers

for Mother's Day, from my sons!

I hope all Mums out there had a lovely day too!

Happy days indeed!


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Monday, May 2, 2016

Introducing Mr. B. Wren

I loved making this cushion!

I participated in a workshop with Jess, one of the 


Jess, with her cushion.  It will give you some idea of its size.

at the Australian Quilt Convention recently.

That's my friend Deb, stitching away!
I couldn't wait to get the background stitched up....

and get Mr B Wren pieced, appliqued

and the top quilted.

And here you can just see the orange binding I 

edged the cushion with!

If you are looking for something different to sew, 

and love EPP,

I can highly recommend this pattern!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Musical inspiration...

 I tried to use these for inspiration for this round of 

the Four-in-Art challenge!

 but no matter how much I thought about them,

I remained uninspired!

So while sorting out my photos recently,

I stumbled across this one...

taken at a beautiful concert hall in Melbourne,

where we saw Mary Chapin Carpenter last year.

I started to think about all the musical notes that 

had floated up there 

and were caught in the cupola.

This is what I began playing with...

and ended up with quite an abstract interpretation...

to arrive at this!

I chose a piece of vintage fabric for the backing, 

as a homage to the past.

A hombre-type binding for the fading sounds, 

and a variety of stitches for all types of music.

Abstract, right?!

I'm calling this "Musings"....

Make sure you check out the other wonderful 

interpretations of 

May's Music theme here:

Happy Sewing!

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