Thursday, June 1, 2017

Scrappy Stepping Stones

I thought I'd do a follow-up of my latest quilt!

I found a photo of a scrappy quilt on Pinterest that 

sparked my interest, which lead me here.

But as there were no measurements, I worked out 

my own.

Maybe you'd like to make a Scrappy Stepping Stones 

quilt of your own....

I started with 2.5" squares,

making fifty 16-patch blocks...

I cut 49 white pieces from 1.3 metres of white, 

tone-on-tone fabric

and you need another 8 side pieces, of 4 squares 


This will make a quilt that measures 68" by 72"

I may still put a white border around the outside....?

If you have any further questions please don't 

hesitate to add a comment to this blogpost!

Happy sewing!



  1. I love the scrappiness in this. That really looks wonderful.

  2. This looks fantastic. Thankyou for sharing your measurements.

  3. Love seeing this gorgeous quilt with all its scrappy blocks!

  4. You know me, I just love this quilt. Thanks for the measurements. I know I'll be using my die-cutter for these patches.

  5. Love this quilt. Will definitely add it to the list of must do's-plenty of scraps here.

  6. Thanks for the measurements! Love this quilt to scraps!

  7. Such a great scrap quilt. Thanks for the measurements.

  8. Isn't it great that you know so much about quiltmaking that you can look at a picture and figure out how to make it without buying a pattern? You did a great job with the math, and with your scraps. I think I will always love scrappy quilts no matter what style they're made in. Would you believe that I've recently used so many scraps that I don't have many left?! Seems sort of self-defeating to cut yardage into scraps, doesn't it? Need to make "regular" quilts so I have more scraps!

  9. Yes, that idea might help getting rid of my packed tin of two-inch blocks. Great idea!

  10. I've seen this one on Pinterest too and have plans to make it down the road so your dimensions save me some work - thanks! It is so pretty. How could it not be with all of those wonderful scraps?

  11. This is probably a really great scrap buster, and much more interesting than a quilt made of simply squares. Does it have an intended home and do you have quilting ideas?

  12. Thanks for the pattern . I love the scrappy look. Ready to get into my bucket of cut 2.5 inch squares.

  13. Muchas gracias así aprovecho los trozos pequeños


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