Tuesday, May 31, 2022

More garment sewing!

Back in February, I saw a “Seed” dress in a local op shop.

I bought the cardigan though, that is on the right there!


It was too small but I loved its easy style.


I had two patterns that I thought I could make work,


So once I found some fabric, on sale at Spotlight,


I decided it was time to give it a go. 


The mauve double gauze is for a boxy blouse, next Summer

I used the skirt and front band from the Stylearc 



and lengthened the bodice of the Simplicity one.


The inverted pleat can be seen here.

The Simplicity pattern has the back gathered into the 


I made an inverted pleat like the Seed dress instead.


I added a contrast collar, cuffs and the centre band 

closure with a light weight denim.


And the pockets cut on the bias with denim flaps.

I was pretty pleased with my check matching skills, 

although I acknowledge it’s not perfect.


It still need buttons here.

The trick is to not stand still long enough for anyone to 


I hope to get a better 'modelled' photo soon.

Happy days,


Friday, May 13, 2022

Commenting on Blogs!

 I don't know what Blogger has done,

but I am unable to comment properly on many blogs at 

the moment!

The beach yesterday!

Sometimes it is this message:

    Clicking on the blue message goes nowhere, even if I am logged into my Google account!

         Other times I get the message...

          and I have to remain anonymous.....

      Then if I try to leave my name, 

    apparently I need a URL as well!

Or if I try to sign in, again with Google, it goes nowhere.....again!

It doesn't matter which browser I use, nothing changes!

I have mentioned it to a number of blog writers but they have no idea either!

Made for my grandson!

So sorry blogging friends, I am reading all about your 

quilty adventures, 

but fear the days of blogging are numbered!

I re-knitted the neck of this lovely jumper my sister made....all ready for a southern hemisphere winter!

Happy days...


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