Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Wrap Up!

It's always fun to look back over a year to see 

what's been achieved.

Of my top five blog posts, "A Wild Ride" featured in 

two of them, as did my Jen Kingwell 'wrap-up'.

The scrap busting method I used to create this quilt 

was in the top 5-

 My first finish for 2017- "Stacks" - was #5...

Strangely, my most 'liked' quilt on Instagram,

 "Dream Catcher"...

didn't feature at all!

One thing I did notice, the readership of my blog has seriously fallen away this year, but comments have stayed much the same.

I made a collage of some of my favourite quilt 

finishes and WIPs....

with plenty to work on in 2018!

Thanks to Cheryl for hosting this link-up party!
Head across here to read more 'best of' blog posts.

Happy sewing!


Saturday, December 16, 2017

A mantle....

of Christmas stockings!

Well, I don't have a mantle to display my latest 


but I decided that's a good collective noun for more 

than one Christmas stocking!

I wanted to make my grandson, Eli a Christmas 


and under the advice of my friend Linda, I should 

make one for his Mum....

and Dad too!

The recipients, or at least Mum, like a fairly neutral 

colour palette...

hence the fabrics I chose.

There is a little more colour on the backs.

I found a stocking template on the Internet 

somewhere and worked out my own placement of 

the 2.5" squares.

I followed the tutorial from here to finish them off.

I've put aside the pattern and some of the same 

 fabric should a brother or sister come along one day.

Happy sewing!


Monday, December 4, 2017

Any progress...

is good progress!

I am slowly getting strength back into my hand, 

Although it will be like this for another two weeks at least!

even if I only have two fingers and a thumb.

I've hand stitched, very slowly, two more 

"Clambake" shapes....

managed some machine sewing of this Summer 


and I'm improvising Month #9 of Delilah....

appliqueing the circle rather than piecing it!

And if it all gets too much, 

I have these to keep me busy!

Happy days!

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