Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Roller Coaster!

Yes, I have changed the name again...

but it's a finished quilt top, at least!

Life as been a bit of a roller coaster while this was 

being pieced...

Here are some of the last blocks I made...

before I put all this craziness together!

Here are some shots of it finished...

It wasn't the easiest to piece, because of all those 

pesky points!

Now to buy some batting and backing to get it 

properly finished....

You know what they say-  

"It's not a quilt until it's quilted!"

Happy sewing!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Testing, testing....

I've been testing a new pattern for Allison who blogs 

Quirky name, hey?

This pattern has everything...

curved piecing, lots of HSTs and even applique!

The blocks finish at a large 24" square.

 I was never going to make a whole quilt but love 

the simple graphic nature of this block....

 so I have hand quilted it...

to make a pretty table topper!

I love the gingham and the stitching on white fabric- 

so crisp and Spring-like!

All I need now is a bunch of tulips, but they will have 

to wait a few months here!

I don't even have autumn leaves to show you!

This David Hockney picture, from the recent

 exhibition here in Melbourne, seems to fit the bill!

The pattern is due to be released this week if you 

want to grab a copy of yourself!

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This little piggy...

went to market...

Well, these two are going to California, 


They are my latest bee blocks for the

Gridster Bee.

Elizabeth did such a great job writing 

her own tutorial based on some ideas 

here and here!

And of course, I had to have one of my 


to add to the pineapple I made for 

February's round.

My little piggy needs his curly tail yet...

but that will have to wait awhile...

it's time for school camp again!


Happy days!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fan Girl!

I have long been a fan of Jen Kingwell!

I have made four of her designs so far....

1. Bonnie Lass, 

which I call "Winter Citrus

2. She Loves You,  

which I call "Heart's Content."

3. Glitter...

which I call "All that Glitters"

4. My Small World,

which I call "Melbourne Town"!

5. I am currently making "A Wild Ride"...

hereafter known as "Rockin and Rollin"!

Her new BOM "Delilah"  is due in my letterbox some 

time in March!

So when I had the chance to attend a trunk show 

and talk at my local library,

I jumped at the chance!

What a fun night and I learnt so much.

Jen with her "My Small World" quilt...

She based this on the artwork of Mary Blair, a 

Disney artist.

Google her if you are curious like I was!

Apparently Glitter is her all-time favourite quilt.

Here is "Delilah", in all her glory!

Jen's original "A Wild Ride"...

which has indeed inspired me to keep going with my 


So it seemed appropriate that I make another one 

from the contents of the fabulous goody bag 

we received!

Now for some random facts-

Jen graciously donated the entrance fee to her 

favourite charity!

She always uses Quilter's Dream Request cotton 



And she stores all her fabric by colour in tubs of 

large, medium and small prints!

Happy days!


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