Friday, April 28, 2023

I think it's straight...

I finished my rainbow hexie wall art recently,

and just this week got my husband to hang it up!

My husband assures me it is straight on the wall....

perhaps it's the wonkiness of the hexies that is telling 

me otherwise!

It is hanging in our 'spare' bedroom, 

or guest room as some people say!

Can you tell that this is where my little grandsons 


It's great to have one less project in the WIPS pile.

Happy days!



Monday, April 24, 2023

Tiny Towns Art Trail

After a hiatus for a few years because of 
'you know what' 

the Tiny Towns Art Trail was back this weekend! 

I visited three places yesterday - 

Firstly Clunes and its Textile Exhibition.

The organiser was adamant it wasn't a quilt show but I 

don't care what you call them, they were lovely!

I thought I could use this as inspiration for the quilting 

on my Sugar Gum Blossoms quilt!

There was a people's choice award.

It was hard to pick a favourite.....

Do you have one from this small sample?

Then I was off to Talbot where my sweet friend Trudy 

has a wonderful shop called "Playing in the Attic".

And her contribution, from an idea that has really 

taken off,

 is this display of 100 portraits - all done on a tiny 

4" canvas, from a wide range of artists.

Such talent and imagination on display!

Finally around the corner to Knit Queen 

and her knitted teapot creations!

That would be some tea party!

I do have some of my own knitting to share! 

I love the knitting part, but really procrastinate with 

the sewing up! 

I'm now busily hand-quilting my Wensleydale quilt.

Hopefully, I will be able to share that with you soon!

Happy days,



Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Quilts and other things.....

I recently visited the Australasian Quilt Convention.

Here is a sample of the quilts I saw there.

The first three are from the European Patchwork Meeting held every year in France-

an exhibition called "Once Upon a Thread"

Jayeun Shin- South Korea

Rhoda Bennett Luxembourg

Esther Tronchoni and Peter Hayward- Spain

This selection was from QuiltCon 2023

Twelfth of Never by Pam Haritg

"Treasure Island" by Daisy Dodge

by Simone Symonds from Northern Territory

Color Riot by Sandra Ruyle

This one (above) was barely 12" by 18"

"Bananicklenation" by Steph Skardal

And finally some of the quilts for general exhibition.

"Embrace the Chaos" Judith Edwards

100 Blocks City Sampler- Lauren Rouse

Stone Fields Honey by Meredith Budd

This one was full of bee-related fabric, and huge!

It's a shame no dimensions are given for any of the quilts.

Now onto other things......

I have decided to turn off comments on my blog. It was either that or just close the blog down entirely. I have been hurt by various events that have led me to this decision. 

The straw that broke the camel's back came because of the quilt show presented here. I sent a photo of a 'friend's' quilt, (not shown here) via Instagram, that had been entered into QuiltCon2023 and had made its way to Melbourne for this exhibition. I was excited to see it! We had been in bees and swaps together over the last 15 years. She politely thanked me and I moved on. The hurt came about when she posted another picture to both Instagram and her blog, of the same quilt that a more well-known blogger had sent her via Instagram two days later. My post obviously meant nothing to her!

Real life is tough enough without my virtual life being cruel too!

You can see my work on my Facebook page if you feel the need to comment.



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