Friday, May 31, 2013

It's my turn... Queen for the Modern Stitching Bee!

I had seen a block I really liked, 

called Rocky Mountain Puzzle...

The ones on the left have centres cut at 4.5"         The ones on the right have centres cut at 4"
Borders are cut at 1.5"                                  Borders are 1.75" 

and decided to make this my block for June!

There is a slight variation in the samples (above)....

Choose the size to match the fabric you have chosen 

to fussy cut.

So here's a cutting and piecing guide.


*Fussy cut a 4.5" square for centre (sewing machine print)
cut 1.5" X 22" strip (blue floral) 
cross cut into 
2 X 1.5" X 4.5"
2 X 1.5" X 6.5"

cut 5 X 4" squares (yellow)

cut 5 X 4" squares (Kona white)

[ if your 1/4" seam is accurate these squares can be cut to 3.75"]

and cut 2 X 3.5 " squares (Kona white)

( *alternately Fussy cut a 4" square and 1.75" X 21" strip
cross cut into
2 X 4"
2 X 6.5")


1. Add 1.5" ( or 1.75") strip to top and bottom,

then sides.

This centre square should now measure 6.5"

2. Draw a diagonal line on each white square and pair 

with coloured one

3. Chain piece each square .25" on either side...

and cut to yield 10 HSTs, trim to measure 3.5"

4. Join as shown below...

This is sideways- the white squares should be in the top right and bottom left corners
 to suit your fussy cut centre!

adding the white corner squares to the each side.

* Careful pressing will get the seams nesting nicely....

And there it is....

Larger centre square, narrower border

Smaller centre square, wider border.

I have asked for blocks in the soft colours shown-

 lemon, lime, light aqua/blue, pink

with touches of grey or soft tan. 

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Happy  Sewing!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIPs Wednesday, May (nearly June!) edition...

Must be time to take stock again....

Museum Medallion is slowly progressing...

I am nearly halfway around the last round

 of drunkard paths blocks....

I would like to think I can have this finished 

by the end of September, 

one year after I started it!

Remember, I'm hand piecing this beast!

My Feathers are arriving, almost daily....

Here's the latest one from Mary on Lake Pulaski.

And I had some time to play around

with some paper piecing... 

This is called "Boston Pavement" by Sarah

She describes it as "Steampunk" without the curves!

It is a fun block to make...

just not sure whether I'll make any more?

No progress-
knitting or Christmas embroidery...

but there is plenty of winter time left to get to these!

That's my story and I'm keeping to it!

Happy sewing!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Another WIP.....

While there has been a lot of 

S...L....O.....W....... sewing here lately,

I have needed some 'instant gratification' 

(of the fabric sort) at the sewing machine!

After borrowing this book from my library 

earlier in the year....

 I decided I'd use my stash of 

chocolate and raspberry 

fabric to make these....

Constructed as an "S"...

or a "2"

or a "5"?

or my initials!

I have been playing with a layout....

Not sure how this is working yet...

It may need some sashing?

And on a side note...

I'd love your vote in the Scrap Quilt section 

My quilt is at the start....

has been nominated in the Viewer's Choice section!

Please vote for her too!

Happy sewing!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Really Random Thursday....

I received this card for Mother's Day....

from my son...

...get it?

And the tape measure has a fashion graphic for 

every decade from the late 1700's!

And this stash of fabric arrived in the post recently!

Thank you Cindy, you are very generous!

I have long loved owls....

This is one of my favourite quilts,

Chubby Star
Chubby Star made with Alexander Henry "Spotted Owl" fabric...

so when I 'spotted' this mug (on the right) for $2 

in my local Op Shop....

I knew I had a treasure!

It was a perfect partner for my other Fitz and Floyd 

mug from 1978!

Unfortunately there hasn't been much sewing 


except some slow stitching on my 

Museum Medallion.

MCM5 Feather Block
And the arrival of another beautiful 

feather, from Elizabeth!

Thank you, I love it!

I hope to be back soon with something new!

Happy days!


Friday, May 17, 2013

"Ginger Kisses!!!"

I am proudly presenting my latest finish today...

as part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

"Ginger Kisses" has been fifteen months

 in the making.

Yes, they are my feet!
with a variety of techniques used- 

foundation piecing, regular piecing and applique!

The obligatory 'rolled-up' shot with spotted binding!

It has so many of my favourite fabrics in it....

A sneaky look at the back...

including "Flea Market Fancy" and 

Holly Holderman's Paris Tea Party!

There's fabric from Provence, fabric from friends, 

and fabric from previous quilts....

My very own memory quilt!

The quilting is very subtle, 

which was the effect I was after....

It's not a large quilt at about 54" X 60"...

but perfect lap, and snuggling, size!

My son Ben helped me with the photos...

what a shame Blogger is not playing nicely again...

I had plenty more shots to share!

This is my entry into the 

Favourite Scrap Quilt section 

of the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Happy days!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

The exclamation at the end of the sentence....

that's how I describe hand sewing the binding 

onto a quilt.....

It is a labour of love 

as I get up close and personal 

with the fabrics, design and stitching again!

A sneak peek of some of the quilting..

So a finish is imminent...

as I enjoy the hand stitching 

of the binding of my "Ginger Kisses"....

indeed a labour of love!

Happy sewing...


(Blogger is not playing nice today...can't load anymore photos!)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

All work and no play....

Well, I don't know about Jack 

but my life has been decidedly dull,

while my worklife threatened to take over!

So I took the opportunity last night to treat 


and do a little stitching!

I am getting closer to a finish of Ginger Kisses...

(I have spent over thirty hours quilting this so far!)

Then today I made another feather....

to go with the first...

And to finish off the weekend a family celebration for 

 Daniel's birthday!

Dan and Jenny                  MrPnP and I 

Can't imagine where those years went?

That's probably enough excitement for one weekend,

cos its back to work for me tomorrow!

Happy days!

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