Sunday, June 19, 2011


We've spent nearly two full days in Zaragoza, a town I remember learning 

about through the artist Goya.

It is full of amazing architecture, some ruins even going back to the Romans in 

the 1st century!

But it is this Basilica....

with its tiled domes and turrets... 

 which is visited by pilgrims from all around the world!

There is a church on nearly every corner, in a vast array of styles!

But The Aljaferia Palace has been the highlight for me....

This palace has three different styles spanning centuries...

The Islamic period...

Queen Isabel's Courtyard

followed by the medieval christian palace

Ceiling in the medieval palace!
And finally the Catholic King and Queen era!

(oops! Not sure what happened to those photos! I can't have been paying attention!)

And for a change of pace.....the modern street art of Zaragoza!

Around every corner there is something else to see...
See all the little faces carved into the wall of this building!

or touch!

or taste!

I hope you have enjoyed my tour of Zaragoza!

Happy Days!



  1. Once again you are making me so jealous! I know, it's only 'down the road' to me, compared to how far you've come; we just need the kiddies to grow up a bit first!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love Spain for the different buildings from long ago and new ones.
    Have you been to Andalucía? Granada/Alhambra, Sevilla, Cordoba, Ronda and many lovely white villages?

  3. Great pictures of Spain it takes me back to my time spent there. Gemma's partner is in Spain at the moment surfing he is enjoying Tapas also.

  4. Love, love, love the inside of that palace, all three styles. Such gorgeous shapes and patterns - quilter's eye candy for sure!

  5. I am loving your photos so much!! Such amazing old buildings! Thanks for throwing those amazing street art photos in as well!!

  6. Looks magical - I love Spain. Enjoy your holiday!

  7. Really enjoying your photos.I've never been to Spain, but wishing I had now.

  8. Lovely! I love the Islamic influence on the architecture! The intricate scalloping in Queen Isabel's Courtyard looks like lace! Amazing! You look like you are having so much fun...and you are getting so tan {Lucky Girl!}

  9. Lovely tour. It looks very exotic.


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