Sunday, June 27, 2021

Slowing down!

 I decided to take a short break from quilt making for 

my next bout of crafting!

So I finished this table runner, started during my recent 

ruler class.

Due to COVID restrictions, some classes have not gone 

ahead; I am not sure when they will be re-scheduled.

In fact, I am not sure I am going to bother going back!

I think I learned more from YouTube than I did from the 


Then I put this pretty pile of textiles together...

the doily was a gift from a friend,

so I decided to make a little 'doll' quilt, 

one for her, one for me!

I'm adding some hand stitching- maybe crosses, French 

knots and hand quilting, possibly some little yo-yos?

Finally I had seen this lovely project bag on Instagram.

A link to the pattern is here: Bucket Bag

And when I was able to source the eyelets locally,

I decided it would make a great knitting bag.

I'm enjoying the slower pace of hand stitching!

Happy sewing indeed!


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Blossoming Buds- another finish!

 This is my sixth quilt finish for 2021!

I wonder if I can continue to make one quilt a month for 

the rest of the year?

The weather today was cold and windy, so I had to 

resort to just inside photos.

           And because this one is over 75" square,

my quilt holding contraption struggled to cope too!

You can glimpse the backing and binding in these two 


The binding is a pale pink and yellow/gold stripe 

by Tula Pink.

I think it finishes the quilt off perfectly!

I was lucky enough to have this professionally long-arm 

quilted by the designer of this pattern, Carol, of 

I really love how it looks on my bed!

I think it may just stay there.....

Quilt #6 for 2021
Finished size 75.5" by 78"
Lifetime Quilt #135

Happy sewing,


Sunday, June 20, 2021

A flurry of finishes!


When one quilt is being quilted by a long armer,

and another by me on my trusted Juki,

is it any surprise that I have two quilts 

finished in a matter of days...

and another top complete!

But I will share just one of these with you today....

I'm calling this "Rainbow Confetti".....

I will explain why at the end.

I used many of my lovely Aurifil threads, which I won(!) 

to quilt the motif in the centre.

The threads positively melted into the blocks.

It was a beautiful day today,

cold but sunny and still!

so it was the perfect opportunity to get some outside 


                     And some inside ones too.

And I got to try out my new quilt holding 

contraption too!

My friend Elizabeth @occasionalpiecequilts made one

which you can see in her post here 

 I decided it was time to make one of my own...

You might be able to see them in the photo above-

clamps taped to pieces of dowel (patent pending 😁) 

I was able to use them to lean the quilt up against the 

brush fence.

Why "Rainbow Confetti"?

One reason is the backing looks like confetti to me.

The other is that I listened to this amazing book while I 

quilted this quilt.

I loved everything about this book- the true-to-life characters, the underlying themes of friendship, loyalty and family and of course the topics of sewing, quilting, books and Scrabble.

I can highly recommend it!

I guess I will be back with another finish soon!

Quilt finish #5-2021

Finished size 58.5" square

Lifetime quilt #134

Happy sewing,


Sunday, June 13, 2021

A Catch-Up!

  A two-week lockdown meant lots of sewing time!

So Bessie Creek Road is now a flimsy!

I'm calling her "Peppermint Parade"

for all the minty colours in it.

I intend to hand quilt this one....


                   I just need to get it basted first!

My scrappy rainbow blocks are together too.

I posted this photo on Instagram,

and many followers liked the possibility of dark sashing.

But with dark winter days here, I wanted something 


I turned them 'on-point, and added a neutral sashing 

and spotted cornerstones.

It did require making a few more blocks for the edges 

but ....

today I got it basted!

Happy sewing...


Sunday, June 6, 2021

A quilt with no name....yet!

Much as I try, I cannot settle on a name for this quilt!

Sue Daley, the designer, calls it Quattro Colour!

But I feel it needs to be a little more special.

Anyway, here she is.....

 I've spent the last week quilting a simple flower design 

with a Westalee ruler...

Initially I was concerned about the centre 'blob' where 

the stitching starts and finishes...

but I figure once it is washed and dried, 

it will be barely noticeable.

The back is very neat!

I kept the quilting simple in the border too....

it is barely visible, being on black fabric.

I used my Aurifil thread stash with mainly white on the 

front and the dark grey on the back!

The quilt finished at about 68" square....

Not much else to add, 

so enjoy the photos....

Quilt swirls are a big thing on Instagram

And a quilt roll

And another shot of the back.

A label will need to wait until I settle on a name.

It's been a while since I had a quilt finish!

I'm hoping to share another one with you soon!

Quilt #4 for 2021
Lifetime quilt #133

Happy sewing...

Edited- I have decided to call this "Pastiche" - thanks Anne @Springfield Studios for the suggestion!


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