Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Halfway there...

with our + and x Friendship blocks Swap!

Carla and I were both quick off the mark for January,

sending these out within hours of one another.

Mine arrived first...

I tried to use a few wilder fabrics this time....

Here they are before their US cousins arrived...

Carla's were waiting for me when I arrived home 

from my interstate sojourn....

And the two sets together....

The colour combo Carla has chosen for February...

is aqua, orange and green- yum!

I can't wait to get cutting!

Happy sewing!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello again!

I'm back home getting ready 

for my return to work tomorrow! Blah!

I found an adorable toy sewing machine 

in my travels,

to add to my collection,

saw some of our 'sunburnt country'....

and some of our 'jewelled seas'!

And the reason for the trip.....

No, I didn't do the community ride!

But they are still smiling 

after cycling 150+ kilometres,

We followed this by a delicious meal...

Pork belly- yum!

And, finally, I managed some slow sewing!

Happy days!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Checking in......

My tennis commitments are over....

and I am happy to see the back 

of the 40+ C temperatures....

My son stopped by the turnstiles and took my photo!

I did sneak in some hand sewing preparation......

I ordered the wrong size template for the pre-cuts I had- Ugh!

before I jump on an aeroplane to 

Adelaide in the morning!

And I might have started a new baby quilt....

I hope this doesn't look grey- it is green!
from a sweet mini charm pack!

That will all have to wait until I am back in a week!

If you follow me on IG you may see some of the

Tour Down Under....

Until then....


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Savour...my word for 2014!

I haven't been a frequent blogger this year, 

(I guess I'm enjoying my Summer holiday 

too much!)

And I had not shared my word for 2014....


Savour the moment
savour the stitches
savour the friendships!

So I thought you might like to savour 

my current projects.....

February's Polaroid Calendar mini quilt,

 being prepared,

The map fabric will be the perfect backing!

another zipper pouch, 

my + and X Friendship blocks

I hope this doesn't spoil the surprise too much, Carla!

And my MCM bee block-

I have built a house for sweet Linda!

I also now have definite plans for this fabric,

and a scrappy donation quilt...

with these!

You will have plenty of time to savour them....

I am off to work at the Australian Tennis Open 

on Monday

(seven days straight!)

then I am off for a week's vacation!

And I might not be sewing for awhile.

Happy days!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Mail!

Mail to Australia is really slow, yes REALLY slow, 

at this time of the year!

So I was delighted when my thread 

from Jane finally arrived....

And in today's post was this delightful bundle 

of lusciousness!

I was very lucky to win a SMS giveaway at 

Lauren very kindly added some extra pretties 

to the original prize!

Thank you, Lauren, you are very generous!

I am already planning what I will make!

But I might just look at it for a while!

And Mr Fox is now keeping watch,

keeping me 'on task'!

Thank you Mary, I love him!

Happy sewing...

(and stay warm, my Northern Hemisphere friends!)


Friday, January 3, 2014

The Quilt with No Name!

This is my latest finish....

my Modern Stitching Bee Quilt, 

measuring 72" X 84"!

And difficult to photograph!

These are Rocky Mountain Puzzle blocks....

with fussy-cut centres!

I made some blocks myself 

but received most of these from 

bee members or friends 

in Australia, England and the United States!

I even got one from my dear friend Linda!

A Flamingo, of course!

I kept the quilting simple- diagonal straight lines!

Here are the siggie blocks I received,

 made into a label on the back!

I used a vintage sheet for the backing, 

which was a breeze to work with!

And the binding, from my stash, 

is called "Village Green" by Carolyn Gavin.

Surely from this (Rocky Mountain, Village Green

I can come up with a name?

Can you?

I'd love to hear your ideas!

Thank you Marg, Di, Nicki, Emily, Rhonda, Leanne, Linda, Chrissie, Jennie, Sarah, Susan, Emily and Cindy!

I love my quilt! 

This is my fourth finish 

for the last quarter of the F-A-L...

You can see my other three finishes 

here, here and here and first listed here!

I think I might start something new?

Happy sewing!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Flurry of Finishes!

Now that I have an internet connection again,

I have a few finishes to share!

My blouse.....

came together effortlessly!

Even the buttonholes were a breeze!

A zipper pouch which was gifted to my sister!

With an order for another one!

And a quilt flimsy!

I have been putting this one together 

for over a year now...

My Museum Medallion!

This is where I was last year!

Ninety two inches square, mostly hand pieced!

Yes, I am mad!
I had to make 44 of these 6" DP blocks!
And four of these!
This last pieced border alone 

was made from 432 pieces!

2014 will the year I will hand quilt this one.....

Come back next year for THIS finish!


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