Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Wrap Up!

It's always fun to look back over a year to see 

what's been achieved.

Of my top five blog posts, "A Wild Ride" featured in 

two of them, as did my Jen Kingwell 'wrap-up'.

The scrap busting method I used to create this quilt 

was in the top 5-

 My first finish for 2017- "Stacks" - was #5...

Strangely, my most 'liked' quilt on Instagram,

 "Dream Catcher"...

didn't feature at all!

One thing I did notice, the readership of my blog has seriously fallen away this year, but comments have stayed much the same.

I made a collage of some of my favourite quilt 

finishes and WIPs....

with plenty to work on in 2018!

Thanks to Cheryl for hosting this link-up party!
Head across here to read more 'best of' blog posts.

Happy sewing!


Saturday, December 16, 2017

A mantle....

of Christmas stockings!

Well, I don't have a mantle to display my latest 


but I decided that's a good collective noun for more 

than one Christmas stocking!

I wanted to make my grandson, Eli a Christmas 


and under the advice of my friend Linda, I should 

make one for his Mum....

and Dad too!

The recipients, or at least Mum, like a fairly neutral 

colour palette...

hence the fabrics I chose.

There is a little more colour on the backs.

I found a stocking template on the Internet 

somewhere and worked out my own placement of 

the 2.5" squares.

I followed the tutorial from here to finish them off.

I've put aside the pattern and some of the same 

 fabric should a brother or sister come along one day.

Happy sewing!


Monday, December 4, 2017

Any progress...

is good progress!

I am slowly getting strength back into my hand, 

Although it will be like this for another two weeks at least!

even if I only have two fingers and a thumb.

I've hand stitched, very slowly, two more 

"Clambake" shapes....

managed some machine sewing of this Summer 


and I'm improvising Month #9 of Delilah....

appliqueing the circle rather than piecing it!

And if it all gets too much, 

I have these to keep me busy!

Happy days!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017


It's bad enough that work gets in the way of sewing 


But when you don't have use of your left hand 

yes...I'm left-handed.....

the options are limited!

Here are a pin cushion and needle case 

I made earlier.... 

 I must have impressed MrPnP....

he thought I'd bought them!

I'm planning on using this vintage sheet.... 

on the back of this modern solids quilt, 

and admiring my neglected clamshells.

Thankfully I can type one handed.....

Hopefully, I'll be out of this cast soon AND finished 

the reports!

Happy days!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017


My friend Elizabeth sent me this fun fabric earlier in 

the year...

and I have finally cut into it!

I used mostly the "5th and Fun" range 

by Sandy Gervais,

with some Windham "Party Animals" thrown in for 

extra fun!

(To be honest, I couldn't find any yardage of the

 other fabric and this one seemed to fit the bill!)

I've paired the prints with some soft solid fabrics I 

have been hoarding....

Mini charms (2.5") bordered by 1.5" strips

and this reminds me of Gelati, so that's what I'm 

calling it!

Each square finishes at 4", so it's not a large quilt

at 32" x 36",

but it's mighty pretty!

 I backed it with Lizzy House Mini Pearl Bracelets,

in Peach,

and quilted it simply with a double-line grid.

And for a quick finish, I machined down the binding!

Thanks to a long weekend here in Melbourne,

this quilt took me three days, start to finish!

Linking up with Sew, Stitch and Share....

Happy sewing!


Friday, November 3, 2017

Short and sweet!

Yes, I'm still here!

I started something new...

This Clambake pillow by Jen Kingwell,

will probably become a baby quilt by me.

I'm hand piecing these, 

They are fun blocks to make!

They are about 6" wide and 3" high,

so it may take me a while!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, October 22, 2017


It's hard to imagine, but this is my 700th blog post! 

Who knew, that when I started this blog just over 7 

years ago, I'd still be floating around here?

My latest start!

I'll be honest, I don't know how many more years, or 
months of blogging I have left in me....

Making this for a friend!

The audience seems to have dwindled, comments 

sparse, friends are busy elsewhere.....

I have fabric aplenty....

I picked these up recently at a destash sale,

but I'm just not sure how many quilts I have left in me?

 Maybe I will stop at 100?

If you want to see the 87 I've made so far,
I have a page devoted especially to them.
(I've disabled comments because I know people will try to change my mind!)

Happy sewing,


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Playing Catch Up!

 I was a little behind with my September

Gridster Bee blocks, 

but they are now safely winging their way to the US.

I chose the fabric with a kangaroo on one, 

and Melbourne trams on the other especially!

This was a design made by Simone....

should make an interesting quilt!

Then Leisa sent batik fabrics for October's blocks....

which made for very effective blocks called, 

appropriately, "African Queen"!

And while I had some time I tackled Lisa's blocks for 


bright trees on a black/white background.

And here are the blocks I made for my own 


I really wanted to get those houses standing as 

straight as possible!

 My first attempt at an African Queen was a little washed out,

So I swapped out the dress and sleeve fabric....

I think that's better?

Maybe she needs an embroidered smile!

And my forest of trees!

I also made another star block to go with the two I 

already had.

And the obligatory 'group shot'!

Only one more round of this bee, and its all over!

Happy sewing!


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