Sunday, January 29, 2023

Carisbrook Cabin Quilt

 It's time for an update on my latest  WIP!

I have all the thirty-six blocks completed just waiting to 

be pieced together.

I did think I might stop at sixteen, resulting in a small 

baby quilt 36" square.

A blogging friend suggested I make a few more to

bring it up to 36" by 54".

Thanks, Suz!

That gave me the incentive to scramble through my 

stash for even more combinations!

I thought these colour combinations would tone down 

the overall look!

The last twelve made...

Here are a few of my favourite blocks!

I haven't bought one piece of fabric for this quilt- 

what a scrap buster!

I'm off on a little road trip tomorrow so the completion 

of this quilt top will have to wait a bit!

I'm taking some knitting though....

The wool is more green than brown.

Happy days!


Wednesday, January 4, 2023

A new year, a new project!

 Not my tissue covers....

            Although they are a quick and easy make!

I've long admired the quilts made by Linda at KokaQuilts

Check out the beautiful quilts she makes....

And when I saw her Log Cabin quilt, I knew I had to make one too. 

I've lifted this directly from her website. I know she won't mind!

There's also a sew-along happening on Instagram 

and while I 

considered joining in, I could not justify paying over 

$20 for the pattern that was required to join in... 

I mean, it's a log cabin block for goodness sake!

This became a test block- the yellow fabric is different shades!

Initially, I was hoping to use my scraps but after getting 

frustrated looking for suitably sized fabric, I've now 

resorted to stash. 

In fact I unpicked another block too...

You can tell from this photo (above)the effect I am 

aiming for.

I decided I needed more of a plan after all the random 

piecing and piles of messy fabric...

creating my own cutting plan.

Laying all the prepared pieces on my newly covered 

design board made for an efficient piecing process.

I have my solids sorted but I definitely need to 

supplement them with a purchase of some

blue and greens, and maybe some pretty strong florals!

Oh, I've decided to call it Carisbrook Cabin and hope to 

get photos here....

The Carisbrook Log Cabin Jail built in 1851

when it is finished! 

The jail is probably not as cosy as a cabin, but this is as close as it gets!

There aren't a lot of log cabins in


Happy days,


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