Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Decisions, decisions!

School holidays are rapidly coming to an end...

I have cut up lots of 2.5" squares from my scraps...

and added to this 'travelling' block!

I added the top strip!

So what should I work on next?

Machine quilt this baby quilt?

Keep making more of these...

Yes, a new quilt!

Or make more pompoms.....

Hand quilt my Christmas runner?

cut out this top,

or make this cushion?

Does your WIPs list grow when you are on holidays?

Happy sewing!


Monday, September 28, 2015

Don't judge me by my backside....

(that should draw a crowd!)

I have another finish to share...

"Melbourne Town" is quilted and bound!

I had intended to hand quilt this but couldn't find the 

motivation to get started...

So I machine quilted the sky first on the diagonal,

then added some 'in-the-ditch' around the larger 


By this stage I felt some hand quilting would finish it 

off nicely!

I used grey perle #8 thread for this.

And as it is often the case, I didn't really want to 


I chose a soft yellow gingham to frame it.

It matched nicely the backing!

Yes, this is the backside I referred to in my title!

I even remembered to put some 'hanger triangles' on the corners this time!

I resent paying top dollar for fabric that will go 

'sight unseen' against the wall.

And I have been trying to use my stash this year, so 

this is what I chose!

"Melbourne Town"  is now happily residing on my 

sewing room wall...

My favourite section!

where no one can see "my backside"!

Happy sewing,


Thursday, September 17, 2015



a MCM Bee block for Mary....

made from this tutorial.

and these.....

to be made into quilts,

to help heal violence against women.....

made from this tutorial.


this zippy pouch to Julie,

happy to know it arrived safely!

And receiving these "Pips" blocks...

part of the round robin I am participating in.

What should I add?

Maybe some inspiration can be found in this book,

"Illustrative Branding"

borrowed from my local library!

Happy days!


Sunday, September 6, 2015


I made two for my MCM bee quilt.

There are now twelve, with two more at the mercy 

of Australia Post!

And gift boxes....

for another little Christmas quilt I decided I needed 

to make!

Looks like I need to update my WIPs list...

Happy days!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Helen's table runner....

with more details on mitering those corners 

I'm over at Cut Out + Keep

with a tutorial today!

Check out Mitered Corner Table Runners on Cut Out + Keep 

Happy days!

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