Friday, May 13, 2022

Commenting on Blogs!

 I don't know what Blogger has done,

but I am unable to comment properly on many blogs at 

the moment!

The beach yesterday!

Sometimes it is this message:

    Clicking on the blue message goes nowhere, even if I am logged into my Google account!

         Other times I get the message...

          and I have to remain anonymous.....

      Then if I try to leave my name, 

    apparently I need a URL as well!

Or if I try to sign in, again with Google, it goes nowhere.....again!

It doesn't matter which browser I use, nothing changes!

I have mentioned it to a number of blog writers but they have no idea either!

Made for my grandson!

So sorry blogging friends, I am reading all about your 

quilty adventures, 

but fear the days of blogging are numbered!

I re-knitted the neck of this lovely jumper my sister made....all ready for a southern hemisphere winter!

Happy days...


Saturday, April 30, 2022

The green theme continues!

I think it took me a while to realise that green is my favourite colour….


But there’s no denying I love wearing it!


I recently finished a blouse, made from a lovely rayon floral,

purchased at Darn Cheap Fabric sometime last year.

I remember we had not been out of lockdown very long,


And I had a lovely chat with another shopper about just browsing and touching fabric….

And dreaming of what we might make….


And having a reason to go out and wear our newly made garment!


And the pattern (New Look 6704) I chose was 

purchased during a Spotlight sale…

Where again I chatted with a lady about our possible purchases.

This was a fairly easy pattern to make…


And I was very chuffed when the button loops pulled 

through perfectly!


You can’t see it, but I finished the inside sleeve and side 

seams with a French seams


So it’s almost as nice on the inside as on the out!

Now I guess I better find a place to wear my new 


Happy sewing!


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Go Escargot!

 It was February the last time I shared these Snail Trail 


Since then the number has increased....

I've broadened the palette to include red, blue, yellow 

and brown.

It's interesting to see the way the pattern can look quite 

different, depending on which way the block is turned.

Can you see the difference between this.....

and this?

It certainly helps to stand back and look from a 


            Don't stress... this is the 'correct' way 

Yesterday I bought these 10" squares...

which will be used for future blocks.


Happy sewing!


Friday, April 8, 2022

My first quilt finish for 2022

 Summer at the beach has been my focus for the last 

three months...

The view on my morning walk

But as the weather cools, the sewing machine calls!

A friend recently celebrated a significant birthday, 

so I decided "Shuffle" would make a great gift.

I kept the quilting simple, 

stitching in the ditch on the diagonal....

then finished with some hand quilted circles

 in 8 Perle thread.

The backing was pieced from two vintage sheets...

You can see the quilting better here

I forgot to measure it before I gifted it last night,

but I think it was roughly 60" square, 

perfect lap and nap size, don't you think?

Quilt #1 for 2022

"Shuffle" quilt

Lifetime quilts #142

Happy sewing!


Monday, April 4, 2022


 That was the name of the green wool I picked up in an 

op shop recently!

My new jumper is a long sleeved version of the 

Soldotna crop!

I think it came together perfectly....

It was even a pleasure burying all those threads..

More details of the sleeve decreasing can be found on 

On a bit of side note, do you find reading my blog 

difficult because all the text is centred?

I have a feeling one of my long time followers has 

stopped reading my blog for this reason!

Never mind....their loss!

Everything looks good with a pompom!

I also knitted up this little beanie, 

while I was away on holidays recently!

It is made from a self striping yarn- 

I now need to find another project for nights in front of 

the TV!

Happy days!


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

My garden is growing...

This was what I shared last time.....

Four little birds have been pieced...

Then added to the corners with some low volume 


Finally, some more random low volume squares and rectangles were added to the next round,

and finally a 2" border.

I still need to add some French knots as eyes for the 

little birdies!

I'm looking forward to 'planting' some flowers in that 

low volume border....

In the meantime, here is a photo of my beetroot 


Pickling seems to be the option my husband, the cook 

of the family has chosen!

Happy days!





Wednesday, March 16, 2022

All ready for St Patrick's Day

 in my new green linen and Liberty "Sawtell" dress!

I took my time making sure it was as perfect as I could 

make it!

I'd had this piece of linen for quite some time and really 

wanted to find the perfect pattern!

On a whim I joined the "Curated by In The Folds" group where, for a monthly subscription, you receive a pattern, sewing techniques, hints and lots of support during the making process.

There is a link here if you are interested in the concept.

I took my time binding many of the seams with a 

treasured piece of Liberty I bought in Bordeaux in 2014.


And of course I had to add a "Kylie and the Machine" 

label that says, "YES, I made this"!

I also did top stitching across the back yoke, the 

neckline and around the pocket shield.

It is exciting waiting to see what the next pattern 

release will be ?!

Happy sewing!


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