Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chucking along!

As the month comes to a close,

 I thought you might like to see my Chuch Nohara 

blocks for March... 

Yes, there is a 'y' seam in there.....

They came together well...

The top one I was able to free piece, just measuring 

up the pieces, 

and the bottom two were foundation paper pieced.

Here's how I did the log cabin in a circle.....

Obviously I made the log cabin first,

then I laid my photocopied pieces over the top to 

check for fit!

I made each of the four corners then joined them, 

turning back the inner circle,

which I reverse appliqued to the front.

I promise, it doesn't look nearly as wonky from here!

Time to plan for April...

Happy sewing!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Small Gains

The day started with great promise....

But basting was the far as I got with this 'monster'!

I don't know whether it is the batting (Matilda's Own 

Polyester) or the backing (a vintage sheet) that was causing 

'shifting' problems?

So I spent much of the afternoon 'unsewing' various 

seams, and am now back to square one!

I pin basted today, but have some glue spray and will 

add that to the task tomorrow, as well as a different backing!

Thankfully I had no problems putting these nine-patch blocks 


I'm thinking of adding them to my Chuck Nohara blocks?

Then this one made it across the finish line...

the back....

a close-up

It's hard to go wrong with Tula Pink and hexies!

And finally three tissue cosies...

shame I got those magpies upside down!

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day....


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hitting the ground running!

With nearly a week away from the sewing machine,
A 'floating' butterfly

A wallaby having a snack....

A red sky in the morning...

the sailor's warning
I was keen to remedy it this weekend!

I made a border for my Tula Pink hexies....

14" square of fabric with 2" squares around the outside edge

ready now to applique!

a nasty night time photo!
A friend is celebrating her birthday tomorrow 

and as the 'group' gift isn't ready...

I didn't want to go empty handed!

So a tote bag was made!

The inside pocket

I raided my stash for this Lecien linen from way 


It's called "Isso Ecco & 'heart'"...

no longer stocked, I believe?

And an outside pocket.

Who knows what is on the schedule for the third day 

of our long weekend?

Happy sewing!


Monday, March 7, 2016

Dragging my feet....

I continue to plod along with my projects.....

I made this...

and these.

They may become coasters?

This is what has taken most of my time...

six inch blocks...

and EPP stars....

which will eventually be added to this....

only a sneak peek at this stage!

 But all sewing must wait, because I'm off on a 

business trip   school camp,

staying in a five-star hotel  a cabin with bunks,

socialising with supervising adults twelve year olds 

for four glorious gruesome days!

Wish me luck!

'Cos if I wasn't dragging my feet before,

 I will be on Friday!


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