Saturday, September 29, 2018

No Grand Illusions!

I'm calling my latest finish "No Grand Illusions'!

It is the 'Hidden Agenda' quilt pattern I tested for 

Angela recently.

I had fun quilting these swirls!

Since I have been making my own basting spray,

using this recipe,

the actual process goes very 'smoothly'!

There are some hearts quilted here!

The spray is probably not as economical as the 

commercial brands, but boy, does it stick!

Can you tell I love this print?

Now FMQ is the final fear I need to conquer!

This little section does make me happy though....

I also had fun photographing this quilt too,

finding pretty spots in my sister's home.

For an extra fast finish, I also machine stitched the 


#97 lifetime quilt 

#9 for 2018

I've now finished more quilts this year than I did last 


with another three planned.

Quilt finishes at 56" by 72" 

The back.

All Cotton and Steel fabric.

Happy sewing!


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Another catch-up!

I put together this quilt last week.....

Lots of big prints and low volume sashing!

And I finished this dress this morning! 

"Easy Vogue v9327"

The front...

 and the back!

Now it is school holidays, I am aiming to get at least 

one quilt quilted.....

with this one being basted today!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, September 9, 2018


I've had more success with my clothes sewing lately!

Last weekend I made this skirt..... 

from this pattern.

And ordered this fabric....

to make this pattern!

Clothes, when they work, are much quicker to make 

than quilts!

Although a touch of Spring weather yesterday...

has me dreaming of a quilt from my stash of AMH 


Happy sewing!


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Some success....

Some failures!

This dress was a failure...

Way too big! 

I am hoping it might fit a friend?

Thankfully I had more success with this one...

made from my recent Outback Wife purchase.

 Last week I delivered these two cushions to my 


where they are now happily living on her guest bed!

I've added some trees to the foxy forest,

but it is going in the WIPs cupboard for a while....

the intended recipient doesn't like it!

And I am still thinking about these...

I may add some other pastel colours?

How do you rise above your failures, and not let 

them get you down?

Happy sewing!


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