Thursday, February 16, 2023

The good and the not-so-good.....

I recently picked up a charm pack from a second-hand 

store for $5!

Then Moda had a Charm Square Challenge and this 


the free pattern they provided.

It finished at 32". 

Over on Instagram, I mentioned my desire to make it 


And what should arrive in the mail but all these lovely 


And two new charm packs to play with!

Thank you Rose @somethingrosemade

You are a sweet and valued friend!

I think I showed you this at the end of last year.....

                   Finally, it has begun!

It has been a bit of a conundrum...for two reasons!

The fabrics supplied with the kit were not labelled and

 many did not resemble the photograph of the final 


I even added one of my own fabric because the one 

provided didn't fit well.

And nowhere in the book was there a colour 

photograph or diagram of this version of the design.

The coloured versions were all in reverse

Boy, did that play games with my old brain! 

Now that I am this far into the piecing 

(I'm hand stitching for accuracy) 

I have it sorted!

I'm really looking forward to piecing the blossoms in 

those pretty pinks and reds!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, February 12, 2023

A Flimsy!

I haven't spent much time at home 

over the last two weeks, 

so crafting time has been limited! 

I spent some time placing and moving blocks around 


my Carisbrook Cabin quilt.

And trying it out with a black-and-white photo.

Even after I had sewn the rows together I continued 

rearranging them.

I know it's not perfect, but we know what they say.....

"Better done than perfect!"

I want to get it basted and quilted real soon!

Happy days!


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