Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pilgrim's Progress

I hope if you don't mind me indulging in more photos of my pilgrimage...

(Besides I wanted to use that title!)

This time to Javier- the birthplace of St Francis Xavier.

It was just what i imagined a real castle would look like....

with cannons....

and ramparts!

(with fabulous views!)

Of course he had his own chapel....

And his own crest!

The Basilica (to the left in this photo) was only added at the beginning of last century!

But a 'stone' marks the place of his actual birth!

Next stop....Azpetia... the shrine to St Ignatius of Loyola!

I promise that that will be the last of 'those' posts!

We are doing and seeing other things...

I promise!

Happy days!



  1. No!! keep posting I am enjoying seeing your pictures. I now live in France but originally from the UK. It was lovely seeing pictures of London, have been a few times but mostly for work. Only ever been to Spain once and not to the places you are visiting. Hope you are having a lovely time. Linda

  2. It all looks so lovely, you can show me whatever you like!

  3. Yes....if I looked up CASTLE in the dictionary that is exactly the picture I would expect to see! How wonderful! I love your pictures and all you are seeing...amazing. Truly the trip of a lifetime!

  4. No, don't stop. Want to se more.

  5. you lucky thing! Keep sharing and enjoy!

  6. I'm loving your photos! It's an armchair holiday for me. It all looks so wonderful!


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