Wednesday, May 31, 2023

My scraps were calling me....

This is what I started with, two tubs of scraps....

I sorted into strips 

and smaller squares and rectangles

I'd decided to make a string quilt based on one I'd 

seen on Pinterest, 

by Emily @ Quilty Love

Photo From Pinterest

And started making blocks.

I'm foundation paper piecing the blocks to ensure the 

stability of all those seams

I'm really liking where it is headed.

I'll be back when I have more to show you.

Have you ever made a string quilt?


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A Pandemonium of Parrots

Or would you rather a 'prattle'?

Whatever you call them Australia is home to many 

species of cockatoos and parrots!

Many live around my new regional home!

So when I stumbled across a budgie pattern,

found HERE, I knew I 

could adapt it to suit my purposes.

I purchased some new Japanese solids which feel 

beautiful and felt they would be 

a wonderful addition to my stash.

I did a practice one first.....

Can you see where I made an error change?

It is the extra piece of blue fabric on the lowe

left-hand side of the bird's body.

Once I had done that, I decided it made for a better 

shaped bird.

Again I made an improvement by giving the next bird a 

two-toned taill

Then with the more complicated design I also split the 

tail colour into two.

They look more like birds with their felt eyes.

On a recent morning walk, I saw a flock of these pink 

and grey galahs.

So had to make one of those too!

Looking at the above photo I think I could have placed the colours better....

There are a couple of extras pieces in this one to get a 

good range of colour.

I have four that I definitely want to use.....

I think I will let them sit on their perch for a bit and 

then decide where to go next.

Happy sewing!


PS I saw this painting at the Bendigo Art Gallery today.

It is by an Australian female artist, Ellis Rowan.



Tuesday, May 9, 2023

I'm on a roll!

Daisy Hill is my latest quilt finish!

My dear friend Rose, 

who blogs at Something Rosemade

very generously sent me some fabric 

to add to my 1974 Charm Star quilt. 

She also included two charm packs of this sweet print, 

called Spring Brook.

To help me get my sew-jo back I decided on a simple 

patchwork of pieces, to make this baby quilt.

I did some straight-line quilting on the diagonal 

to keep it soft and snuggly.

I snagged a bargain for the backing at just $3 a metre 

from Darn Cheap fabrics.

Not wanting to add to my stash it is bound 

 in the same fabric.

It finishes at 42" square.

It's now awaiting a lucky recipient.

But for now I am handquilting....

and adding to my 1974 Charm Star quilt.

Happy sewing!

Quilt #3 -2023
No 149 Lifetime quilts



Saturday, May 6, 2023

Marking Time!

My latest quilt is finished...

the Wensleydale pattern by Jen Kingwell.

I decided once I'd basted it that I'd hand quilt it.

A close-up of the hand quilting

I used Aurifil 28 in a bright red for the quilting in a 

simple design,

basically copying what Jen Kingwell had done on her 

original design. 

I also used a piece of bamboo batting that I'd picked up

 on Facebook Marketplace for a bargain.

Originally this quilt I'd called "Carisbrook" after my new 


But as I named my last finish "Carisbrook Cabin" I 

decided to change it up a bit.

So "Marking Time" it is....

For two reasons- this quilt marks my time of moving 

from the beach to the country.....

I started piecing it back in August in Brighton and 

finished it here in Carisbrook.

The second reason is that I feel I have been marking 

time - marching on the spot- with my quilting for the 

last few months.

So maybe it's time to get more productive, 

especially as the cooler Winter weather arrives.

There will be at least a couple of months of 'at home' 


and sewing should take priority!

Quilt #2- 2023
No. 148 Lifetime quilts

Happy Sewing!


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