Sunday, July 24, 2011

Embroider-Bee 2

I participated in my second round of the "Embroider-Bee" Swap over on 


I even took one of my blocks to finish and posted it from France!

And all my blocks were waiting for me when I returned home from my holiday!

Individually, here they are.....

(I do love owls!)

Not just one Eiffel Tower...

but 2!

Aren't they pretty?

They will be added to some I received from the last round of swaps and some I 

made myself....

I have been playing around with their placement...

Any ideas on this or sashing -

( I was thinking white with maybe some coloured 

corner blocks?) 

would be gratefully received and considered!

This is the closest I have come to sewing...

still trying to get back into some sort of routine!

Happy days!



  1. I love them! Love the Greetings From sweet!

  2. Hi! I came here via Kirsty's blog. I loved looking through all your photos of your France trip. In a week from now we will be living in Paris!! It's hard to resist photographing the Eiffel Tower when you're there isn't it! Here's my recent post about it if you're interested:
    P.S. I love that Eiffel Tower fabric in your blog header :)

  3. Fabulous blocks. The owl is lovely. I was thinking white sashing too since there are so many colours in the blocks. Might be a good idea to test a few likely colours as well. It never ceases to amaze me how changing the sashing affects the look. Paris if great. I am going to check out your trip photos now.

  4. Love your embroidered blocks. I agree with Val, try out a few colours first. I usually go for white, I love white sashing, but it might be interesting to try some other colours behind the blocks just in case one of them really pops.

  5. Sweet embroidery! Definitely some skinny sashing, nothing too heavy.

  6. Those embroidered blocks are so sweet and fun!! I love the Greetings from Paris! They look great with all the different settings. I agree with the others, White would look great but try some other colours just to see.


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