Saturday, July 2, 2011


We have been staying in Foix for the last four days!

But when we first arrived we realised we had made a terrible mistake when we booked our accommodation!

Luckily we 'de-camped' and found "Helianthe" instead, a beautiful gite about 5km from the centre of Foix!

The garden is stunning!

It was out here the other evening that I saw my first hedgehog ever!

Just didn't have my camera at the time!

I have spent many an hour on that chair lazing away the afternoon!

This statue was sculptured by the owner, Irene!

The garden also has an amazing fruit and vegie patch!

Yesterday Irene gave me a small bowl of her raspberries to munch on!


Red currants- or as the French call them- groseilles!

And finally another of the beautiful sculptures!

We leave here today and head to Narbonne!

And when you are next in France I can highly recommend

And so I leave you with a bit of.....

Willie Nelson!

Happy Days!



Mrs Flying Blind... said...


Oh Narbonne, I've been there! I worked in Valras-Plage for a summer! (Not at the Naturist park I hasten to add!)
If you get to go to Beziers, that's lovely too, and Cap d'Agde, and... and... !

Mary said...

Irene's garden and sculptures are really wonderful! I love the sculpture of the couple together. So glad you didn't stay in the first looked a bit dicey!

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's awful arriving at pre booked accommodation to find it's a pit! But you certainly found a little bit of heaven. I would have been tempted to just stay there forever, eating raspberries and currants.

Marg said...

That was good that you were able to find a little piece of paradise. It must have been very hard to leave.

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