Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the Road again!

Today we leave Paris...

But photos are going to have to wait, I'm afraid!

The internet is VERY slow this morning!

I have tried for half an hour just to upload ONE photo, and still it didn't work!


We are packing up, checking out and having one last dash around before heading to the airport this afternoon!

The weather is wet and dull!


If you are interested, the Tour de France hits St Paul Trois Chateaux today!

That's where we cycled our 75km last week!

See you back in Melbourne soon!



  1. Hi, I just can't believe this weather! Not only is it raining and is forecast for the rest of the week, it's so dam cold too. I don't think I have every known it this cold in July....it's getting like the UK!! You have certainly picked the right weeks to be here. Have a safe journey back home and I have loved stalking you on your holiday. Hugs Linda

  2. Oh dear - you may be coming home to much the same weather...plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...(that's the best French I can do!).

  3. We can look forward to your photos once you get home. It just extends all that French loveliness a little longer.
    Safe travels back home, and I'll cross my fingers for you that the weather is sunny in Melbourne. It might be a stretch, lol.

  4. Will be praying for safe flights back to AU! Enjoy the last of your time in Paris!! xx

  5. Have a safe flight. Getting home will be a tough adjustment after all the fun you have had. Post your photos after you get settled at home. I have enjoyed your travels so much.

  6. Have a safe trip home - it has been fun travelling with you x

  7. Hi Suz, you'll be getting home any minute now. I hope you get over the jet lag quickly but the happy holiday feeling lingers for a long time. You'll have your blog posts as a great reminder of your fun times!


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