Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Words or Pictures

When you are following a pattern, do you use the pictures...

Or the written instructions?

I am mainly a visual learner, so why I persisted in focusing so much on the 

written word this time, I am at a loss to say!


The written instructions were WRONG!


Anyway, I would love to honestly know, from you, my friends, whether these 

incorrectly pieced blocks, which should be a wonky half log cabin, look a confused mess...

Or are they redeemable and worth persisting with??

Happy sewing!

(Just not for me!)



  1. redeemable...maybe a mug rug or pot holder.

  2. such pretty fabrics... what a shame.... all things are possible... I love these ideas ...

  3. I'm sure there are lots of things, don't despair! (It's just too early here for me to be helpful x)

  4. These fabrics are gorgeous!!!! Love em! My philosophy is always that amistake is just an excuse to be creative. I am sure you can think of some way to salvage these blocks! Good luck!

  5. From the maker of Cattywampus- Those blocks are great!! Sew them together and enjoy their wonkiness. I think a quilt like that would look really cool!! But only you know whether you'll like it or not.

  6. I agree with Rachael. Your version is probably better anyway! It is truly liberated :)
    I usually look at the pictures and figure I know how to do this...and then I get into trouble.

  7. After I finished crying, and swearing at the instructions and whoever may have written them, I'd probably see if I could sew them into a smallish project, cry some more, then put it down to experience *sigh*...oh the pain of that beautiful material...*sob*

  8. They may not be what you were intending, but they are absolutely redeemable. I agree with Rachael and Mary. If you can't really embrace it at the moment, maybe play with them, add sashing, some plain blocks, or just make something small. I personally think they are really cute, great fabrics and I love wonky.


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