Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today we spent a lazy, hot, summer's afternoon wandering around Arles!

What a fabulous town!

Colour everywhere.....

This fabulous shop specialized in decorator fabric napkins, aprons, tablecloths and 


And all I bought was a recipe book!

And this was the hospital where Vincent Van Gogh spent some time as a patient...

(painted in recent times, I suspect, in colours favoured by Van Gogh)

And the beautiful courtyard...

Here is a 'bust', in another garden, dedicated to him!

And these caramels are a speciality of the area!

(And NO- I didn't buy any!)

Lots of colour inspiration in this old pair of shutters!

And that pretty red door!

This town is full of Roman ruins too!

So much to take in!

Mr PnP found an icecream shop, of course!

And this was in the local market of Generac where we are staying...

We bought some tasty smoked almonds to have with our beer!

Sadly no fabric purchase today- I found a shop which specialized in Provence fabric but it was WAY out of my budget!




  1. You are torturing me with these photos. I love France so much and am enjoying my virtual vacation with you! I can't believe you didn't buy anything in the table linens store. What a good girl you are.

  2. I agree with Diane! Where are we going tomorrow?

  3. OH...this brings back so many memories! Hot and lazy and Arles - I absolutely loved this little town and I love Van Gogh, who is celebrated by the town for his paintings in Arles.

  4. Oh you are killing me! I love the stone, the arched windows doors,etc. The flowers...and that yellow on the ice cream shop is to die for! In fact, I am horribly disappointed you didn't buy any of those fact if you return I will take one of each:) Smoked almonds and just couldn't get much better than that! Could it?

  5. what an amazing place!!!! these pictures are gorgeous.

  6. I think I know the shop you're talking about - if you come to Aix I'll take you to my place where it's 9 euro a metre. Much more reasonable!

  7. these photos are to die for ! what a wonderful trip

  8. What a fantastic place to vacation!! I can't believe you didn't get anything at the table linen's store apart from a cooking book - aren't you restrained!!! I'd have trouble keeping myself at a set or two!! And those gorgeous caramels - divine!! You must be loving the scenery and surrounds - I'm guessing your photo albums will be absolutely chock-a-block by the time you get back, lol!! Mine would be!!

  9. such fun to see all the shops and markets with you... thanks.

  10. Arles looks amazing! I've heard of it because of Van Gogh. The Roman ruins look incredible! It's lovely to see all the colour eveywhere. I would've been tempted by the caramels!


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