Sunday, August 9, 2015

Five years ago...

since I began blogging here at Patchwork N Play!

To celebrate my blog-iversary I'm having.....

a giveaway!
Chubby Star- circa 2010

What wonderful friends I have made since I moved 

here from my previous blog on 8th August, 2010!

According to my research, 

five is the number of balance.

There are five senses, five vowels, 

five Olympic rings and Chanel #5.

Not sure whether I ever showed you this!

Even one of my sons was born on the 5th of the 5th!

To have a chance to win my giveaway,

 of a zippy pouch like this,

(although you get to choose a colour or fabric I may 

have in my stash!)

tell me something fun about the number five and 

why it might be significant to you!

And as an extra entry, can anyone remember what 

my previous blog was called?

Gil guessed correctly...

So I will be sending here something in the mail

If so, I'll send you a little something too.

Please make sure I have some way of contacting 


(I will apologise now if I don't get round to replying to each comment, even though I'll enjoy reading them all!)

I will randomly draw a winner in...

 five days, of course!

Happy days,



  1. Happy Blogiversary!!

    November 5 ( Guy Fawkes Day) is the reminder to my husband that my birthday is only a couple of days after and he still has time to shop.

  2. Five is not really one of my numbers although my husband was born on the 5th. Happy blog birthday and I hope to reading your blog for many more years.

  3. Our Anniversary is August 5th, so thats a good #5 day for me! Thanks for the chance, love that little pouch just the way it is!

  4. Up until I lost my darling Matilda, last year, I had five dogs...all adorable and loved just like they are my children

  5. In Japanese, the number five is "GO". The fifth day of the fifth month is a holiday (Used to be boy's day but was changed to children's day) There are things to display and huge cloth carp are flown from rope strung high above fields or rivers or school athletic fields.

  6. There are five people in our family. My oldest daughter was born the fifth month of the year and five is also the number of man in the Bible. Happy blogiversary.
    xx Beca

  7. what a fun give away based on 5
    I like to celebrate Cinco Da Mayo does that count?
    I have 5 fingers on each hand for making things.
    I am so stumped on what your old blog name was.
    The pouch is adorable and I'm so happy to have a change to win it!

  8. p.s.
    My favorite burger place is 5 guys and fries :)

  9. The number 5...let's see: I currently have 5 grandchildren. That is something to be very happy about.

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging.

  10. I remember that you had a previous blog! Wow! Five years is definitely something to celebrate....happy anniversary!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. My granddaughter will be 5 on her next birthday! Congrats on 5 years - that's cool!

  13. Happy 5 years!! There are 5 of us in our family so that's pretty special and one of my favourite shows was Party of Five so I always love saying that!! :) Congratulations!

  14. Hmmm 5.. Let's see- My husband and son's birthday are in the fifth month and I have a big birthday coming up which begins with the number 5 (for the first time). Thanks for the chance. Congratulations on your blog. Camille at focus20 dot com.

  15. No 5
    1. There are 5 girls in my family
    2. There are 5 in my family counting my 3 sons, my husband and I
    3. I have two groups of friends - counting myself, each group contains 5 women
    4. One of our family numbers (14) adds up to 5
    5. I just celebrated my 55th birthday.

  16. There are 5 people in my family. Our eldest was born on the 5th. My birthday is in the 5th month. Happy blog anniversary!

  17. Happy Five Years! There were five people in my family when I was growing up. Soon I will be married thirty FIVE years. That's all I can think of. I really do enjoy your blog and I hope you keep on blogging for a long time!

  18. Congratulations!!
    I'm the fifth of six children!

  19. Your old blog was Suz Dandelion Wishes I think!

  20. Hmmm, five... I have FIVE children, I have been married for thirty FIVE years, my mother and my grandson are both born in the FIFTH month and I have 2 $5's in my wallet! Happy FIFTH anniversary!

  21. I was married in 1975 in May (5th month). Celebrated 40 years marriage in May 2015. My eldest grandson turns 5 shortly. And that is about it for the number 5, I think.

  22. My family consists of 5 people!
    My daughter was born in the 5th month!
    I have 5 pets!
    My son, daughter,and husband all have 5 letters in their first names.
    My other daughter and myself have 5 letters in our middle names.
    I've been alive 5 decades. Sheesh I'm a geezer!

  23. We have 5 people in our family and our wedding day was on the 5th. It is a special number. Congratulations on your blog-versary.

  24. Well done on 5 years of blogging! The number 5 is special for us because in New Zealand you can start school on the day you turn 5. No waiting until the next intake in September or anything like that. You just wake up on the day you turn 5 and trot off to school.

  25. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging! I've done a bit of blogging and I know just how time consuming and labor intensive it is, and that 5 years is a big milestone.

    I'm from a family of 12 kids -- and 5 of them were born in the 5th month of May, and even one was born on May 5. So the significance of 5 is also important to me.

    Congratulations again!

  26. 5 means 5 minutes. When my sons were growing up if they interrupted me, whether at a craft store or visiting with a friend, I would look at my watch and say 5 minutes, which meant they just extended their wait by 5 more minutes. Lol, they learned quickly not to interrupt. Dahlgren0609 at Gmail dot com

  27. Five, there were five members of my immediate family and they are and were the most important people in my life, five wonderful diverse people who started out as 2, then became three,and four and five. Our own close unit of members that cared about each other every day, loved and fought and talked and hugged always, and as of last year became 4.

    Happy Blog Anniversary and thank you for having such lovely posts!

  28. The number five has no special significance for me (that I know of) but I find it interesting that the Bahasa Malay word for five is Lima which is also the capital of Peru and Lima is also used in the International Phonetic alphabet for the letter L. Congrats on 5 years of blogging, may you have many more :)

  29. Five year olds are my favourite age to teach because they are sweet, fun, and love learning. Congratulations on your special blogaversary. x

  30. There were five members in my family. I am the middle child.

  31. I have FIVE older sibling (and three younger)!
    Congratulations on five years of blogging at this address.

  32. Five years has gone fast. My daughter was born in the fifth month, that is the only significant five for me. It's interesting to read how many people have lots of significant fives in their lives.

  33. Congrats on the 5 years! The number five is significant in our family as my husband and I have 3 children so 1+1=5 :)

  34. Oooo. Congrats on five years! I'll have to check to see how long I've been blogging. I think it's a little more than five. I didn't know you had another blog before! Five is significant for me because I have five grandies, and I came from a family of five. What a fun giveaway your created!

  35. Goodness! Five years of blogging! Congrats!
    I am trying to think of something significant about the number 5 for me, but it is not easy. I have worn Chanel no. 5 for years as it doesn't make me sneeze. I lived in Melbourne for 5 years. I dated my husband for almost 5 years before we married. He is now 55.
    Your son's birthday is children's day in Japan.

  36. Congrats on your five year blogging anniversary! I enjoy reading and learning from you. Love that pillow you made!

  37. Happy 5th blogiversary!! I like the way five ryhmes with "snakes alive", for no reason other than it sounds good.

  38. We were married in May, the 5th month. It was on the 4th. May the 4th be with you!

  39. When Mr. Romance and I first got married we wanted to have five daughters. Life had other plans we ended up with four sons Happy blogiversary

  40. Many congratulations on an excellent and enjoyable blog :-) I have lived in my current home for 5 years now - the longest my husband and I have lived in one place during our married life!

  41. 5 is significant because my country - singapore - celebrates its 50th anniversary as an independent country this year. We overcame tremendous to reach where we are today so this is a special year for us.


  42. five toes on each foot
    five fingers on each hand
    these help me sew...and stand!

    Five is not really significant to me or my family - did you guess??

  43. Congratulations on 5 years - that in and of itself is the prize! Love your blog, truly - you do such varied things! And while there were 5 people in my family, one of my favorite months is May which is 5 !!!

  44. Happy Blogiversary! The number 5 has been extra special for me this month as my hubby and I celebrated 25 years of marriage on the 5th. :o)


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