Monday, July 11, 2011

Vive La Tour!

We are staying right in the heart of a pretty little town where Stage 18 of La 

Tour starts next week! Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux,
and we did a small part of the route to Nyons,


The town of Nyons was abuzz with Sunday morning market!

I was quite pleased to be back at the hotel...

after 75km and nearly 1500 calories!

Happy days!



  1. Wow! I don't think I burn that many calories in a week! The town is just lovely!

  2. Oh that pottery is amazing!
    As for the calories, I'll send you my excess to burn!

  3. I'm learning so much about you from this holiday tour. Today I have decided you are n athlete whom I envy! I wish I had started biking in my younger days. It seems like such a rewarding exercise to see beauty as you work out. Unfortunately, my back is so bad I can't ride for more than 30 minutes! You are my hero!

  4. Vive le Tour!! Great photo of you in your nicks by the Suze sign! That market looks fabulous!! The tour is making me a bit sad this year because of the crashes, my heart really goes out to the riders who have hurt themselves. On the upside I think it's very possible we'll have an Aussie on the podium in Paris this year, Cadel is in great form!

  5. Woohoo!! I think I would have been dead by the time I hit the 10k mark - 75?!!! That's awesome! And all before 1pm?!! Amazing!!! As Diane said ... "You are my hero!"lol.
    I am loving that pottery! Absolutely gorgeous - don't know how you hold yourself back from buying up big this trip!! Such glorious shopping opportunities!
    Hope you enjoy the next few days...!

  6. Just found your blog today and enjoyed reading about your adventures! Can't wait to stop back again!


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