Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A window on my world....

My husband and I had a weekend in the city...

It was so cold, even the stair railings were trying to 

stay warm!

I love this bridge, with its view over the city...

it would make a cool quilting pattern!

I did manage to finish my last Chuck block for May... 


And May's blocks all together.....

And our plans for June!

For the last year, I have been part of a round robin 

swap over on Flick'r

where a starter block was added to by five other girls

Mine is the flower in the top left corner.

It then went to Ethene, Jan and Lynz, in the UK

then Dee in the US and Leanne in Canada, 

who finished it off perfectly with pink 'curtains'. 

I'm going to hand quilt it into a mini wall quilt 

and call it "Window On The World".

Happy days!



  1. Fun times lately! I like your 'window on the world!'

  2. Great post today; I look forward to seeing them. Love your work and your amazing fabric choices. Can we have a peek of your fabric stash?

  3. Cute blocks! And I love the yarn bombing photo:)

  4. Your little mini quilt is amazing, such a lovely keepsake.

  5. So loved the stair railing photo, made me smile! And your 'round robin' looks very interesting, love your title, & look forward to seeing how you quilt it!

  6. I can see both an applique and a quilting pattern from that bridge railing. Someone must have been busy crocheting to do all that yarn bombing, it really brightens up the stair rails. I keep looking at your lovely Chuck blocks and thinking "now if I made that how would I do it" but at the moment I'm too busy to even think about starting something else :)

  7. I laughed out loud at the yarn bombing on the stairs--but it was your comment that clinched the giggle. Fun to see the mini quilt come round at last, and congrats on finishing the Chuck Nohara blocks for May (I still have two to go for April/May).

  8. It doesn't hurt to spend some time enjoying our city. There are some lovely views.
    And now that I have accepted Winter is here it is time to rug up and get out there.
    Great finish on the blocks.
    That is a lovely result from your round robin swap. looks like lovely additions from all participants.

  9. Melbourne is sure a pretty city. Can't tell it was cold though! :-) That yarn-bombing fascinates me. I have such a difficult time imagining someone standing there, crocheting, until the "whatever" is wrapped around something - railing, tree, lamp post. Do you think some fella from city maintenance has the periodic job of traveling around with scissors to cut them off things?! Lovely to see how you're keeping up with your CN project. It's gonna be pretty special.

  10. I love the yarn bombing. I listened to a podcast done by the Crafty Planner about someone who is a professional yarn bomber in NYC. Isn't that crazy?? Your blocks are beautiful.

  11. Seeing these blocks, I am so glad I bought Chuck's book. I must start sewing with it soon.
    What a cute potted plan garden!


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